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  1. I’m experimenting a little bit on that. Right now 1->2 turns out.
  2. I maybe have one laying around. Need to check. But im from Sweden..
  3. I did remove the air filter last night and it was an huge difference. No misfiring almost. But was a little bit “slow” on low register instead. Also I removed the sparkplug and saw it was weary black. So I will check my Main Jet and fit a 130 that I have. (Think I have 137 now..) I know I have used the 130 before but wanted to go up to 132. But the seller did only have 137 so I took that. But can’t remember why I wanted to go from 130 à132 (137) Maybe a 130 and calibrate with mixture screw more will work? Let me test! J
  4. It will be my first test tonight!
  5. haha been riding 300 2 Stroke for many years! But the Beta importer wanted me on a 4 Stroke this year
  6. Thanks! Then i can say its not an good bike for an more expert rider. I hit that rev limiter every practice. .. Other wise it runs really good!
  7. The bike is almost new. But is there any RPM stop on them?
  8. As i stated, it has always been this issue. And the bike comes "lean" from factory. So you need to change from the beginning. Dose not run good at all from Factory.
  9. Yes, i know... But i did go bigger and bigger. And stoped at 137. Could probably go back a bit. But runns ok now. And its not that fun to change on the 4T.. No, Bosi only have an exhaust pip for 4T. Not full.. But should not misfire on high RPMs any way?
  10. What is an header pip? I have now an Bosi exhaust. But this problem was even before i changed.. Think Main is 137,5 right now. But this issue on high RPMs has been sens new
  11. Hello It has always been this problem. Dont think it has to do with the jets. Dose not sound like that.
  12. Hello, Seeking help with this issue. My 2017 300 4T is running great. Except for one thing. On really high RPMs the engine misfire. Like an Enduro 4T. Really annoying when you need to have high RPMs on a big step with short run up. Is in any kind of "RPM stop" on them? I have changed, jets etc.. Thank full for all help!
  13. Thanks! I did also drain the bike of some oil last night. So now its perfect i think!.
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