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  1. Stolen yesterday whist in the Lichfield area. The bike is a standard 2012 with 2 kill switch buttons one to help with the start, yellow rear shock spring and Ossa factory racing rime tape. chassis number 0000185. mint condition only 2 mth old and done nothing, Please every one keep an eye out and watch out what your buying. if anyone has any information please phone the police on 101 and pass any information on. Or ring myself on 07791161427 Well im one gutted, Ex Ossa owner...... Thanks All
  2. I noticed over the last few rides out that there seams to be a tapping voice coming from the engine, some were near the cylinder head, any one any ideas or suggestions please.. Thanks
  3. Thanks, the spark appears on the engine near were the rubber manifold cornets to the engin, I've checked all the wiring and earths,, I'll changed the spark plug , I'll let you know,, thanks
  4. Sherco 2011 290 When the bike is started it runs ok on idle, but when applying power the bike backfires and there seems to be a spark at the back of the engine manifold, then cuts out... I've checked the wires and there docent seam to be a short anywhere... Any ideas please its got me beat.. Thanks Sean
  5. I have a 4 stroke beta evo, the clutch as gone as hard as a rock, I took the clutch cover off and the clutch plate, dose not move. I tried bleeding the system but it ends up the same ahhhh, any thought/ ideas would be appreciated, Thank
  6. thanks will give it a go
  7. I have a issue with my rear wheel, all the spokes are leaking, I have bought 2 rim tapes now but they don't seem to fit properly. Do beta wheels need a special rim tape???? Any advice would be good, its a fantastic weekend and i cannot ride.. Thanks
  8. Was thinking of a trip to Scotland to watch the Six day this year, is it allowed for spectators to take there bikes to go and watch some of the remote sections or is this not allowed. If this is allowed were are the best places to go and watch, please advise Thanks
  9. Thanks for all your input, I think the.............BETA 300
  10. I currently own a 2010 Beta 300 4 stroke and may be looking for a change the beta is a fantastic bike and works fine.... However the Montesa 4rt looks also a very good bike, expensive and may be a little dated but I believe they are very reliable and cheap to run Thoughts please Beta or 4RT Thanks
  11. I got a some quotes yesterday on go-compair website I managed to get some good prices at around
  12. Thanks i will give it a go..
  13. good point, i have a Evo 4 stroke, thanks
  14. Could any one tell me how the mixture screw should be set in the carb, i cleaned the carb and did not make a note of the mixture screw settings OPPs.. thanks
  15. Lakes 2 Day Entry List Available www.lakes2daytrial.com
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