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  1. Hi, I have a 2018 one rr 280cc which runs perfectly until the bike gets hot, so about 40 minutes riding, then once it gets hot it will start to bog down, splutter and backfire. Of i leave it for 10 minutes to cool down it runs fine again.....until it gets hot then same happens. Does anyone know what could be causing this? Carb has been cleaned and has a brand new spark plug Thanks in advance
  2. Oh bad times, OK will have a look and give him a ring. I use 75ml of trials pro to 5l or super unleaded. I had a lanyard on but the magnet came out the middle of it so didn't cut the engine, just my luck ? Thank you for the advice
  3. Hi all, just looking for a bit of info/advice Was riding my trs one rr 2018 280 today, I dropped it on its side on a muddy bank and the throttle stuck on, the kill switch didn't work to shut it off and it reved max out for about 10/15 seconds then it died. Didn't think anything of it just though fuel supply failed or something but when I went to kick it over the kick-start was jammed solid and engine has seized. Has anyone heard of this happening before? Surely the engine should last more than 15 seconds flat out? Any ideas what could have broken and estimates on getting it fixed at a garage? Thank you in advance for any info, much appreciated!
  4. Cheers all for your help. Picked it up today and all seems fine. Its only one statntion where the coating has worn off and this had a broken seal so I think grit must have got in top seal and hastened the wearing? All else looks fine but give it a real test tomorrow!
  5. Hi all Going to look at a 2017 300 beta factory tomorrow, looking at the pictures it all looks tidy and well looked after. The only thing putting me off is the forks have excessive wear on the stations, they are meant to be black but bottom couple of inches are all rubbed down to silver. Is this a sign of excessive use or is it normal to have so much wear after 2 years? Just wondering as if it is excessive wear this will mean it will be a very high hours bike and may have other issues going forward? Any thoughts appreciated Cheers
  6. Hi all. I have recently brought a 2009 gasgas txt pro 250....I managed to get half an hour riding in before the clutch lever packed in!! Wasn't until I did more checks that I found there was a pin hole in the hose and mineral oil was squirting out...no idea how it has got there. Looking at replacing it and the only place I can find for sale is splat shop...at 60 quid plus p and p!!!! Does anyone know of any cheaper places? Or can I replace the hose with a non gasgas branded alternative?? It seems with gasgas you pay a privilege when it breaks. Thanks in advance!!
  7. Cheers for this. The gentle tapping of a block of wood seems to have loosened it up nicely! However the bottom rear of the cover in the picture won't come free at all. Is it because of the rubber it is sitting on? Seems to be stopping it from moving? Or just needs more taps. Cheers
  8. I have tried this but the case doesn't lift....should it lift relatively easily? I think someone may have used some gasket stuff which is holding it in place? Will I do much harm by using lots of force? Thank you! All advice is great...again!
  9. Great thank you. I don't think it's cylinder head as there is no loss of compression. To take the second cover off is it simply a case of removing the 6 or 7 bolts around the darker grey case and pulling?
  10. Ok cheers. I took the clutch cover and plates off but can't see anymore...do I have to take the basket thingy out aswell?
  11. Hi all. I have read alot about beta getting water in oil and why and how to fix...my oil is super cloudy and is actually starting to act like a glue rather than an oil! Really bad sticking clutch...anyway...I have taken off the small outer cover (pics attached) and I was expecting to see lots of corrosion or gunk. The case looks almost new and the seal looks water tight? I have tried to get the seal out, so I can check the wear on the shaft, but to no avail! Does anyone have any good tips and tricks to getting it out?? Also if it's not the seal or shaft can water be getting into oil from anywhere else? Thanks in advance for the help!!
  12. Just tried joining the two connectors at bottom of radiator together with a piece of wire, once started the fan started spinning straight away so thanks for that advice very helpful! Just gotta look for a new thermostat now....but will use this temporary fix so I can ride this weekend. Thank you for help it's much appreciated!
  13. Hi all. I've done lots of searching and reading up on my fan not working on my 2003 250 beta when hot....the only problem is I don't understand most of the wording in the guides! Does anyone know of a source that contains images and simple explanation of finding the fault. 'shorting the thermostat' and 'plug fan into 12v supply' seem to be the first things to try to find the fault. How would I go about doing the above? Where do I get access to the fan power connector? Do I just use a car battery as a power source? I know these are probably simple questions but it's my first ever bike! Cheers
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