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  1. Matteo seems to have the knack lately of being on the right bike at the right time. Good for him.
  2. The rulebook is available online. If it's been changed I'd love to see it.
  3. http://jackscycles.com/used.html These are private sales, but they can all be shipped for under $350 anywhere in the US via JacksCycles. You can also call Stu at the dealership to see if he's got what you're after.
  4. I've not seen any indication of what bike or in what class Matteo will be running. He's said he's signed up with Beta Factory, that's all. In the pic there's a 300 2t, but he's not riding it and there's another guy in the pic, so it's a bit of a leap to assume that's what he'll be riding. Regardless, if it's in Trial2, it won't be on a 300 2t. The rules haven't changed.
  5. Here's an old pic of mine. Seems to show the same effect... maybe? Sorry, don't have it anymore.
  6. From the pics, bottom triple clamp looks to be the correct way up (the voids facing up).
  7. You're going to need to find another Sherco to find out if you're at all unsure of your work. I would think that if things were really screwed up though, you'd have never gotten the forks back into the triple clamp. If there was anything other than normal resistance when you put them back in, I'd be worried. Did you actually replace the races and the lower press fit bearing?
  8. For next time: you should never need to mess with the head bearings/races, other than to grease them once a year. They'll last for eternity.
  9. I started in trials on a 300 Evo. You'll be fine. Put a slow throttle on it if your clutch/throttle control isn't great.
  10. Too bad you can't ship a trials bikes anywhere in the country for $300. Oh, wait...
  11. On the easy route I'm sure you'll claim a few victims!
  12. Why would they need a separate class? Unless you're going to run it against actual vintage twin shock bikes?
  13. Wondering if anyone has managed to sneak a peak at any of the pros back protectors at events, etc. You can sometimes get a look at Bincaz's, because it pops out the bottom of his untucked shirt. It looks to me like he's wearing a road race type hard shell articulated protector. As for the rest of them, I haven't seen any specifics. I ask largely because, without naming names, I've been 100% disappointed in the trials manufactured back protectors that I've tried. I'm thinking about going to something I'm familiar with from the road race world, but I wouldn't mind knowing what some of the pros have landed on now that they're being mandated.
  14. Had he had a working lanyard it's a moot point... the whole idea is to stop the motor before the throttle gets buried in the ground and the bike seizes. As has also been discovered, the magnet can pop out of the cap. Next time, run a bead of superglue around the edge of the magnet where it fits into its housing.
  15. The custom printing for gate markers such as the FIM uses is not insignificant (it's what our club uses). The in the ground flag type setups I see in Britain cost pennies and they're easily reused, so I would imagine cost is the primary factor.
  16. I don't know what anyone could possibly find objectionable about what the pros on 2t bikes do to race prep their bikes: they generally run high comp heads, which you can all go buy if you want. They all tend to run a Trun float bowl, which if you really wanted you could track down, but since most of you won't spend a lot of time on the back wheel, there's probably not much point. You can go buy a Reiger hydrostop shock, or even buy a bike that comes with one (TRS Gold). You can also go buy the top level Tech forks they almost all run. Other than that... what do you think they're doing to their bikes other than ADDING weight in the form of heavier axles to meet FIM weight requirements? The bikes they run aren't one-offs by any stretch.
  17. ATF. Then drop the oil level to the bottom of the glass (330mL or so). If it still feels slow, check the pack thickness. Assuming you don't have an adjustable preload ring, the closer it measures to 10mm, the harder it will lock up (lever effort will also be a bit higher).
  18. I watched the video again and I think you're right. Looks to be the same amount of rotation as the white throttle tube. So I'd imagine the ramp is different so the slide opens more, earlier in the rotation. Either way, going to see if I can track down a Gold throttle tube to try out, gives me something to do while there's snow on the ground.
  19. I've already got a call into my dealer to try and source one...
  20. Ah, we've stumbled across a regional customization industry. Thanks for solving the mystery.
  21. Spray paint? No idea unfortunately.
  22. Makes sense. I can probably whip something up now that I think about it...
  23. No, I run one of those, it's just a replacement for the standard plastic roller. He's talking about getting the slide (i.e. the throttle) to open faster. I'd almost say he's talking about some sort of home made mod, but the throttle cover is red, which I've never seen before. ?‍♂️ The only way I could see accomplishing that would be to change the ramp up on the throttle tube by added some material, since the 'ring' that the throttle cable attaches to on the domino throttle is part of the tube, not an interchangeable part like on some dirt bike throttles.
  24. So during this walkthrough of Kadlec's bike setup (turn on subtitles), at 1:15 in, where he talks about using a 'throttle ring'. As far as I'm aware, the only parts domino makes for trials that affect the throttle ramp up are either the slow (black) or fast (white) throttle tubes. Since the TRS comes with a fast throttle, clearly something else is at work here and I'm curious if anyone knows what it is. When you see him turn the throttle, it looks to me like it's wide open at about 1/8 turn, which is about a quarter turn sooner than the standard (fast) domino white throttle tube. Domino do make these, but they look to be only for push/pull throttles: http://www.domino-group.com/en/12-products/18-throttle-controls/244-throttle-control.html
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