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  1. Thanks gents, Will let you know how I get on, much appreciated. cheers Tom
  2. Stu109, I think you might have something there, used to start ok. I thought that it might be me as my kick ain’t what it used to be. Plug is quite black which might suggest it’s running rich. Will replace the seal, cheap easy fix. Will have the carb off as well, thanks for the advice cheers tom
  3. Mark, Thanks for that, replaced the mains and seals 3 to 4 years ago and to be honest its most probably done less than a 100 hours in that time, I think that it might be worth changing the seals, my memory is failing me at the moment. Can the seals be replaced without splitting the crankcases? TIA tom,
  4. Hi, my 2004 270, starts 1st, 2nd kick when cold but it’s a pig when it’s hot. Had the stator rewound. Someone suggested running a hotter plug, any help greatly appreciated tom
  5. stick em in the dishwasher first, get them really clean, dont want to stink the oven out. oops misses is looking over me shoulder, gonna get frisked every time i come in from the workshop. ha ha. if you get stuck, i have one out of a m92 325 or is that too early?
  6. Got mine from In Motion, good upgrade. i used a scaffold tube to drift the bottom inner race onto the tree, worked a treat.
  7. tomtom385

    198A Lighting

    i think you are correct, i will have to remove it before it goes for another MOT, mind you, bit academic at the moment as i think the lighting coil has given up the ghost. :-(
  8. tomtom385

    198A Lighting

    Bondy, Nothing wrong with "good old hand signals" But i am guessing that at least 50% of the car driving public would not know the slowing down hand signal, can see it now, hmmmmmm why is that geezer trying to fly with 1 arm flapping.
  9. tomtom385

    198A Lighting

    You are correct, but i thought i would have the luxury of a stop light, it already has a day time mot
  10. Tried the fix on my 04 270, made a little difference, but it only sticks when it been standing for a couple of weeks. nearly ended up in the fish pond when it first did it. now dont take any chances, stick the front wheel against a tree when starting.
  11. tomtom385

    198A Lighting

    Help, I am in the process of road registering my 198 and want to wire in the stop light. i connected to the red wire from the stator, but when i press the brake the stop light comes on but the engine cuts out. i am guessing that the yellow or red wires are from the lighting coil. not getting any voltage from the yellow. My haynes manual only hints at the lighting circuit, can any one point me in the right direction.
  12. tomtom385

    Bitsa Bully

    I thought it had a pursang look about the swing arm, foot pegs are my addition, as are the shocks which are a little longer than standard. no number on the head stock. it has a great engine only had an hours running since a top end rebuild some 20 odd years ago. think i will put it together, "as is" have got all the bits, and give it a go. have seen a tank like this on a bike advertised on the inmotion site a couple of years ago. its very well made, dont think it has ever seen a tree stump or knee.
  13. tomtom385

    Bitsa Bully

    have had this in the shed for 20 odd years. i know that it is a M92 engine, and i think that it is a model 159 frame, the swing arm has been beefed up/modified. i have been told that the tank is a commerford aftermarket tank. Can anyone confirm my thoughts?
  14. Hi, Dave at bultaco uk gave me a good tip about bully clutches. and it might be worth giving it a go before a strip down. drain as much of the old oil as you can. then put some neat petrol in and gently ride it around for 5-10 mins, then drain the petrol and refill with a light gear oil, ride around for a little longer, drain and refill with fresh oil. cannot remember how much petrol you would use, give him a call 01784 440033, i am sure he will help you out. Cheers, Tom,
  15. Cheers Wakka, it seems, its the way to go. cheers, tom,
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