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  1. Can anyone suggest a source of some appropriate tubing that will bend from my airbox to my carb? I've had a mikuni on the bike for a while and I'm using a generic small filter but I'd like to fit the airbox, as I have it.
  2. I've already got new nipples from Hugh's Bultaco who said they'd fit just fine. I hope the threads are the same.... The spokes are good so it'd be a shame to snip them. Will try citric acid. Thanks pschrauber.
  3. Anyone have an amazing tip for removing heavily corroded, mostly part disintegrated aluminium spoke nipples from stainless spoke? please...
  4. Does anyone know the procedure for registering a never-registered bike? I've got a Bultaco Sherpa T M92 I want to get a V5C for. The DVLA website tells me to " get form V765 endorsed by a vehicle owners club" - can't find a Bultaco owners club! Apparently getting a V5C was easy til recently...
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