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  1. Was the Alpina a trials bike
  2. Anyone help with identifying bike I am looking to purchase. Frame number is :- PB187OD408 Engine number is :- PM 187OD408
  3. guzuntai

    MAR 350 Parts

    Could anyone give me any ideas where I can get spares for my bike. Currently nothing in particular, but seem to struggle to find bits.
  4. Just returning to trials after a long lay off. When I last rode, the ACU licence was in three types, Club, National and International. I am unable to see the National licence listed now, does the normal club licence now cover national events ?
  5. I am in Burnley Lancashire
  6. Recently purchased an Italjet T250 with view to restoring. It has a Mikuni carburettor on it rather than the Dellorto. Anyone know why this might have been done?
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