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  1. markm85

    El Tigre

    Just finished this project.
  2. Hi, thank for the comments. The dome thing, is a watch mount with magnifier lens, Matador's Mk 4 and 5 had them as standard. Saves looking at my watch!!
  3. Finally finish the bike just waiting for a MOT and then register it, then ride it!
  4. Hi Larry, That looks really good. Regarding clutch arms, it's around 75mm between the centers is that too long? R Mark
  5. Working hard to complete my Alpina, need to find out if it will spark. Then I'll finish off the exhaust system. Thanks for all the advice I have received.
  6. Lorenzo, Many thanks for the comments. The tank was done by a local sprayer who was recommended to me by someone who restores Morgan's to show standards and he uses him for all his paint jobs. The guy was a perfectionist he even sourced the original blue and yellow paint codes for me, the yellow line was painted not a tape. He repainted the blue twice as he was not happy with his first effort ! Plus the cost was very reasonable for the amount of work he put in it, he was well below what bike sprayers quoted me. Yes, the bike currently lives in my daughters bedroom she's at university so not many complaints so far ! Mark
  7. Guys, Many thanks for all your replies it's been of great help, particularly as I'm a novice to Bultacos! Regards Mark
  8. Hi, Thanks for trying. Just sent my address and an alternative hope it gets through. I will reply if I receive it. Thanks Mark
  9. Hi, I'm going to wire my bike but very confused with the wiring diagrams in the manuals as they all look slightly different! I have three wires coming out of the engine; green, yellow and black, many of the diagrams show four wires, so what's correct? Has anyone a definitive diagram or has re-wired a M85. Thanks for your help.
  10. Hi Philip, Mine has three fixing points, one on the top frame and two on the rear. See pictures hope this helps? Mark
  11. Can anyone advise the best way of removing a old copper gasket mine seems to be really stuck in?
  12. Good job, looks really great. I hope when I finish my project it looks that good.
  13. markm85

    Alpina M85

    Hi Stuart, Thanks for the mail. The axle spindle is 17mm but goes down to 14mm at the thread, so will go through the holes but then stop. It looks like at some time they used smaller axles diameter?? Mine also has the greese nipple in the middle as well. Nice to hear from a Alpina owner also, I thought that they are fairly rare as a US bike? Mark
  14. markm85

    Alpina M85

    Hi, I'm new to this site and it looks like there are some very helpful and knowledgeable people out there. I recently purchased a Model 85 as a box of bits, engine and frame numbers match. I have some questions; The swingarm axle holes are 14-15mm but the axle is 17mm, has someone put on the wrong arm? Looking at the photo's I have a earlier frame as it's got bolt-on brackets for the footrests and the swingarm is "smooth" no holes for oilers etc. Can anyone tell me have I right swingarm? and did Bultaco change the axle/axle hole? Seperately I purchased a 68 Matador front wheel with the 6.25" brake will it fit without any issues? Second queery, could I fit a Matador or Lobito single expansion chamber on the bike, would it work properly? Thanks
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