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  1. Thanks it could possibly be the regulator as fan does work when connected to a battery but not when bike is running and not when thermostat wires connected, also the thermostat rubber and clip are probably worn and need replacing too
  2. On my GG 270 the bike will run for 10 mins then the thermostat pops out! Thinking the water pump may have packed up and that is pressurising when hot? Any other ideas? Thanks
  3. I have a GGtxt270 with dellorto phbl26 carb, I know it req a 114main jet but is it m5 or m6 thread? The carb I’m using has a 120main jet currently and I think it’s running rich
  4. Thought I’d seen you in Lowestoft before..
  5. Haha the Range Rover sport cost less than Iv sold my VW Transporter for and I definitely can’t afford a vertigo bike ??
  6. Thanks everyone for your replies, Iv looked into both the Bak Rak and Land Rover Flat plate options to then attach a Dave cooper rack ????
  7. Haha thanks, I still need to transport my bike now Iv sold my VW LWB! I guess there is a device that clamps to the ball and stem for the bike rack to be fitted to?
  8. Can’t see how I’m going to fit a Dave cooper rack on my Range Rover sport, they only have a tow ball not a Flat back plate to bolt on to? cheers Rich
  9. I have changed the spark plug as it wasn’t quite the correct one fitted! I had it running up to temp today and it was running but hunting a bit so after some slight tuning on the mixture Iv had it running really well at normal running temperature, thanks for all the advice ??
  10. Thanks il check out the link and take your points on board to see if it helps my situation, cheers Rich ????
  11. Iv not put the choke on when hot, il try that, what would that indicate?
  12. Hi bike kicks up fine and runs sweet off the choke then as soon as it starts to get up to temp about the point I get on it to ride it just bogs down when I blip the throttle or cuts out! Is there anywhere I can find the factory carb mixture and tick over screw settings or what do people recommend? carb has been cleaned, tank cleaned, new fuel tap and filter, balancing pipe ok no other obvious air leaks cheers Rich
  13. Brand new to Trials other than having a ty80 as a schoolboy! Iv picked up a gas gas txt 250 and looking forward to joining a local club, probably earl shilton as it’s the closest to me (Nottingham) Iv not got any gear yet apart from a helmet so boots and bottoms next on my list Cheers Rich
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