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  1. Whats your prediction for the vote @lineaway?
  2. Its definately the set up you have, I had 290's and 300s for years thought that was best but a 250 does everything you need if youre not wtc.
  3. When did you last take the carb apart?
  4. You really dont understand that do you? (Look back at British Championship events in the golden age of the 70's marks lost then were usually nearer a 100) (Its you're not your btw)
  5. I asked you to expand but you just posted links of how the story had been treated then off on some conspiracy theory of how the USA is gagged like China? (it isnt btw) Are all trump supporters like this,WTF! Has Biden done anything wrong? was he impeached, prosecuted or stole money? Did he show his tax returns? did he oversee the worst death count of covid in the world?
  6. im done here you are not listening, read back your previous post where you mentioned BGT on a saturday night, you did mention tv.
  7. what is worth it? If you want the best bike or car then thats what you want, does it save you any marks, probably not but thats not why you want it? By the same rule no manufacturer would ever produce an enhanced model, but they all do. You pays your money and you takes your choice (sic)
  8. 118 is close. you need someone who knows about carbs to set it up for you, really you do.
  9. theres a button to edit posts
  10. You are making a leap from being able to ride something hard to not being interested in watching it. As illustrated above thats just not logical. BTC at the rounds Ive been to recently a fair few spectators. Its clearly not for everyone but whats the alternative? Were not discussing TV are we, that was an analogy.
  11. No one has said it works well or a winning formula, its a compromise and simply the hardest route for the best riders, several have tried respectfully to explain this but just cos you disagree doesn't mean youre right? Decreasing the severity will not increase overall participation by one rider afaik, who would jump up from the second route and would the top WTC lads just not bother with the BTC that was dead easy? Can trials survive without an elite class, of course it can. Is it good for the sport to have a world and British elite class, well yes. Many in the sport or business want it. My biggest objection to your point and dismissal of the BTC or WTC is that if anyone is ever good enough aren't they entitled (pun intended) to have a crack at the best and see if they can ride at a level 99.99% of us can only dream of, and who would want to stop them in our sport?
  12. ive got a 242 would that be the same size?
  13. There will never be a big entry because only a few can ride it. Havent you answered your own question?
  14. My best bike ever compared to?
  15. nigel dabster

    monty 242

    One of the most underrated and under valued twin shocks. Only weak spot is kick start if that feels good buy it!! ( and i dont like montesas!!)
  16. Not anyone thought the uk would sink, no. I would say as a general population we are far superior in awarness of other countries and cultures than the US, maybe it goes back to the empire, possibly further back to the fact we were occupied by the romans and their civilised democracy 2000 years ago, who knows? The proxinity to foreign countries speaking different languages has made a difference im sure, ditto being a part of the EU more recently. The fact the states are pretty self sufficient precludes the necessity to be outwardly looking, even without the history.
  17. ..and that my dear friends is how hitler convinced the masses that the jews were the route of all their problems.
  18. there are 3 settings on the clutch this might affect drag
  19. It may simply be tickover or adjustments, do you have a keihin on it or dellorto? more likely float height as above.
  20. Some say the wall isnt to keep immigrants out (it doesnt) but to help trump identify where his country stops.
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