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  1. pjw123

    Picking a new bike ..

    Don't go for anything over 250 unless you are a good centre rider. They can catch out mr average. Beta 2t most popular selling bike by a noticeable margin. Lots of good used ones out there. Most 250 2ts are all very capable bikes, & its all about condition. G-G still very popular but production halted a couple of years ago, & they rose again from the ashes. Rumours abound as to their current state of affairs. I have access to a few different bikes & ride a 250 TRS Raga regularly. Top build quality, all the bling is standard kit, top suspension, & lovely to ride. Most noticeable is that can get up things which I struggle with on other bikes.
  2. pjw123

    Matchless indentification help

    It's got an alloy barrel & AMC gearbox (I think), & you could be right about the trials frame. Lightweight swing arms were another mod. Comp models often had an alloy top yoke too. It has roadster headlight. AMC owners club can supply dating cert which will remove all doubt. Clearly it has been "modified" by a previous owner. Shocks, mudguards & exhaust all from a later period. Quite a good starting point, especially if it runs. Pre 65 trials now in the realms of science fiction & bear no resemblance to period bikes. It will tidy up nicely if you revert back to its original looks & will make a nice Greenlaner.
  3. pjw123

    Small frame welding job??.

    Hi, There's a guy who races in the Scottish classic scrambles events. Think his name is Jake. I've seen him do repairs at meetings. Might be worth trying the Scottish Classic SCRMC website or Facebook page.
  4. pjw123

    New to the sport

    2T 200cc. Quite rare though. Beta Evo one of the best. 250 2t is next best option. 270, 290, 300, all way way too much for beginners. Montesa 4rt still very popular. Peerless build quality, sounds lovely, nice to ride, but a heavy old bus, no getting away from it. Condition is paramount. Trials riders notoriously "economical". Probably better to go for one that has been used & maintained properly, instead of one that has been ragged relentlessly round the local practice area / farm on a daily basis.
  5. pjw123

    TXT Pro Neutral selection

    Have had a few Pro's.Early 02 right up to 06. All the same. Neutral hard to find. Just had to get used to it unfortunately
  6. pjw123

    Where are all the Pursangs

    One or two on T'interweb at the moment. One particularly hungry gent is trying to almost double his money !!!. (that is fact). Another with a bit of provenance also up for very strong money. So all of the very average ones are jumping on the bandwagon. Restoration parts are quite affordable & plentiful, so don't why should they be so expensive. I have a 360, & know of a mint Mk7 360, restored to race with Twin spark ignition / Mikuni / good shocks, gears that work, etc, which went for about 3.5 k last year. About half a dozen of more went through the Bonhams sale at Stafford recently & I don't think they were too dear. Quite a lot of variable quality restorations about, so you may have to go down the American import route. Don't know much about the Euro side of things, but there must be plenty still knocking about in Spain. Stay away from the later models, as they had began to lose the plot by then, but you probably already know that.
  7. pjw123

    Some help please :)

    Think it "was" a K Roo model. Gone a bit too far down the leftfield "modification" route unfortunately. Engine gone, USD forks not popular these days & overall not a popular model with the retro boys. If it runs OK, why not tidy it up a bit & use it "as is". Not worth going down the restoration route IMHO.
  8. pjw123

    Bultaco Pursang mk11 fork oil levels??

    As a general starting point for old school MX forks, take out the springs, compress the forks & fill to about 6" or 7" below top of tube.
  9. pjw123

    TRS Ground Clearance Lower Than Others

    I can get up stuff on a TRS, that I struggle a bit with on a Beta. TRS feels smaller, lower & lighter. The front end is easier to move around. I run a 9 tooth on the front which makes first/second more usable for me IMO. TRS is a bit lower geared overall. Having said that I've had several Beta's, & there is absolutely nothing wrong with them.
  10. pjw123

    whats the best engine oil for a beta

    Beta UK recommended 75w light gear oil. That's the answer I got when I called them. Know a few people who have messed about with clutch action / plates. etc ,etc. I 've never had any bother. Change oil every 4 or 5 trials, not hours. Its generally pretty clean.
  11. pjw123

    Question for TRS riders

    Have had numerous Betas. Can't fault em. 250 far easier to ride than the so called S/S 300. Same story with TRS. 250 lovely to ride, does it all. Well built & thought out. Gear it down a tooth at gearbox. Top gear not that high. RAGA has bling as standard. Can get up stuff I struggle a bit with on the Beta. On a salutory note, Beta Importer customer support pretty good. TRS still developing, but both marques are pretty trouble free.
  12. Filters require light oil spraying on the outside after cleaning/ drying. It can be worked in by hand. That should take care of the dust !!!!!. (not quite so high on the agenda here in blighty). Worth having a spare filter in the van, cleaned & in a sealed plastic bag. More importantly, make sure you prevent the mud, muck & water getting in. Some bikes worse than others, so check out the forums. When you take the filter off for cleaning, (after every ride BTW,) the inside of the airbox will indicate how good a job you've been doing. It should be spotless. Avoid those special mx style filter cleaning/ oiling systems. Invariably you end up contending with a sticky horrible claggy mess.
  13. pjw123

    2019 Beta 300 Evo kickstarter issue

    Had loads of Betas & never had any bother with kickers of gear levers. Carbon fibre pipe cover a complete waste of time unless you have a 4 stroke, in which case they are essential to stop you burning holes in your pants Kickstarter supposed to sit so it folds into the recess on the pipe. I think that's what BETA intended, but have seen plenty of kickers in the wrong location. Gear lever main section wants to be more or less horizontal.
  14. pjw123

    Ty 80 spokes

    try Sids Wheels. Roy Thersby also top drawer.
  15. pjw123

    thought our new 300 was a handful !

    We have a 300 SS. 10t OK for messing around, big hills, & big time. Will catch Joe average out in the sections if you aren't concentrating.(Runs on a bit, due to added inertia. Our bike used in Trials on Yorkshire / Northern rocks & streams. Try a 9, only a tenner.