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  1. pjw123

    TY Mono bottom end

    Just acquired a Pinky in need of serious TLC. Mains in a bad way. Have a fully rebuilt S bottom end which I was considering fitting. Q: .is there much of a difference between S,R & Pinky bottom ends,
  2. pjw123

    2 bikes in a L2 Transit with bulk head??

    Are we talking Transit proper, or smaller Transit Connect ??. I 've got an L1 H1 SWB Transit Custom, with a bulkhead & can get 4 trials bikes in it with ease. Same for MX. Very different story if you are talking Transit Connect. If its the Connect, then you need to go for the LWB High roof. (Previous model best option. Current model has quite a low roof). My son has an 08 LWB High roof Transit Connect with aftermarket bulkhead, & gets 2 trials bikes in it with ease. MX, Enduro, not as easy. Only 1 MX will go in without much bother. SWB Transit Connect SWB Low roof harder work. IMO. You do see them at events though. Loading up Small vans have the problem of Jammed fingers, bars whacking the roof, poor access, etc, etc. You can get a trials bike in most small vans, but it can be a bit of a chore.
  3. pjw123

    Over heating issues with my 1998 txt 250

    Have a look in the TC Gas Gas Forum this week, at the "Thermostat keeps popping out" topic. My comments there cover most of the cooling problems you are likely to encounter. Have had to fix this problem for others on more than one occasion. Might be a bit of challenge if its been messed about with. Wiring diagram above helpful, but new rectifiers have slightly different wires. Badly earthed Rectifier common failure point.
  4. pjw123

    Orange rim tape on Repsol wheels?

    Wipe clean first with automotive "Panel wipe". Warm up sticker/decal & location with hot air gun, then place with care. Then......... don't go mad with the power washer !!!! . If you manage to curl one up, corners, etc, can be stuck back down with a bit of glue. Replacements for Montesa available from Express as per recommendation above
  5. pjw123

    Orange rim tape on Repsol wheels?

    Personal preference for the most part. Tape stops minor scratches ( no chance on Yorkshire rocks !!!.) They also hides scratches & can smarten up bike as required. S3 do some heavy duty looking tapes, but they look a bit OTT IMHO.(not cheap either). Correctly matched touch up paint also an option. Try Express Signs (Ebay - Matt). Sensibly priced
  6. pjw123


    70 or 80:1 quite OK with fully synthetic,
  7. pjw123

    Thermostat keeps popping out

    Regulator about 25 quid . Try your local dealer first, as it is a common problem, & he will no doubt help you out. Otherwise its from GG UK, SplatShop TBB, etc, etc Make sure its correctly earthed when you fit. Wiring arrangement on later version of regulator is slightly different to the earlier type, so make sure you have the correct details of how to wire it up. If your gearbox oil is OK, the water pump shaft seal should be OK, but for a bike of that age, a bit of preventative maintenance won't go amiss. Check out impeller, & bit of marine grease on the shaft /seal. Regulator / Clip / seal will cost £30 if you do it yourself. Water pump overhaul about £70, again if you do it yourself. No special tools required as I recall..
  8. pjw123

    Thermostat keeps popping out

    I take it that its the "in line" version. If cooling circuit overheats (could be a number of reasons), the first thing to do is check the fan cuts in by shorting out the two wires on the 'stat.. Fan operation can be checked with a 12 v battery. Fan is also controlled via a regulator ( the small black box). If this isn't earthed correctly, regulator cooks itself & fan wont run. Replace the thermostat rubber sealing ring & retaining clip as it will very llkely be u/s. They split / distort quite easily. Only costs a couple of quid to replace. Also worth checking water pump. Water pump shaft is made of low grade steel & wears at the lipseal contact point, resulting in water ingress & milky gearbox oil.. This is usually the first indication of water pump defect. Water pump overhaul kit easy to do, but not that cheap.
  9. pjw123

    Cleaning oiled boots?

    99% of trials boots will eventually let in water, regardless of how much you lash on the waterproof gear. so invest in a pair of SealskinZ water proof socks. Ex NATO, EBAY. Bring back NCB wellies that's what I say.
  10. pjw123

    2019 RR Vs One

    I ride a 250 RR regularly. Lots of good kit on it. No extra bling required. Well thought out, build quality good, everything nicely tucked out of the way, feels really light,easy to ride, & maintain. Suspension spot on. Initial set up required air box to be pulled apart & properly sealed. Airbox lid could fit better. I went for a 9t on the front, out of choice. Niggles, every bike has them. Air filter a right fiddle to fit if you are not a gynaecologist. Airbox leaked like a sieve. Wheel bearings didn't last 5 minutes. (Made for Spain, not UK). Not very much really. Just needs looking after properly. Am told they are a bit low geared for Road trials i.s SSDT. Really nice bike, a comparative newcomer to the market place, but evolving well. IMHO.
  11. pjw123

    Fantic 240 Gearing

    drop the pegs & change the yokes chief
  12. pjw123

    uk trials

    Low North Park teks some beating
  13. pjw123

    Gasgas txt 250 voltage regulator

    Check earth wire from Voltage Regulator to frame making good contact.(no rust, loose, etc.) Its often a ring crimped wire using one of the 6mm coil mounting allen screws as ground. Bad earth = cooked regulator. Replacement Regulator wiring slightly different to older originals. GG UK helpful, as are Splatshop . Check fan working OK by using 12V DC supply. (If stat is an inline one, worth replacing rubber sealing ring on a bike of that age (Pennies to buy) Check stat with Multimeter . Should read Open circuit when cold closed circuit when heated up (Ohms setting on Multimeter).
  14. pjw123

    Opinion for a nice start

    Beta EVO 250 , Slow throttle, flywheel weight. Sooo...... easy to ride. Best & most plentiful option out there. Sales don't lie.( IMHO) . Are you going to enter any trials ???. 125's an acquired taste, need to be worked, & you will be in a minority unless schoolboy class. Guarantee you'll want to move up to a 250 fairly soon if you went down 125 route. (280's & 300's for expert riders only.) Condition of bike is vital if buying second hand.
  15. pjw123

    Strange but true

    YOU started it up after having that lot come out of the sump !!!!