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  1. pjw123

    Fantic 240 Gearing

    drop the pegs & change the yokes chief
  2. pjw123

    uk trials

    Low North Park teks some beating
  3. pjw123

    Gasgas txt 250 voltage regulator

    Check earth wire from Voltage Regulator to frame making good contact.(no rust, loose, etc.) Its often a ring crimped wire using one of the 6mm coil mounting allen screws as ground. Bad earth = cooked regulator. Replacement Regulator wiring slightly different to older originals. GG UK helpful, as are Splatshop . Check fan working OK by using 12V DC supply. (If stat is an inline one, worth replacing rubber sealing ring on a bike of that age (Pennies to buy) Check stat with Multimeter . Should read Open circuit when cold closed circuit when heated up (Ohms setting on Multimeter).
  4. pjw123

    Opinion for a nice start

    Beta EVO 250 , Slow throttle, flywheel weight. Sooo...... easy to ride. Best & most plentiful option out there. Sales don't lie.( IMHO) . Are you going to enter any trials ???. 125's an acquired taste, need to be worked, & you will be in a minority unless schoolboy class. Guarantee you'll want to move up to a 250 fairly soon if you went down 125 route. (280's & 300's for expert riders only.) Condition of bike is vital if buying second hand.
  5. pjw123

    Strange but true

    YOU started it up after having that lot come out of the sump !!!!
  6. pjw123

    Petrol tanks

    UV damage plays its part, as does fuel permeating through the tank, & cack handed fill ups, spilling fuel over your lovely "decals !!!". So....... what can you do about it. Plastic tanks are quite thick, robustly made can be easily refurbished. Layers of Uv damage can be scraped off, wet flatted & brought back to life with a Car body polishing mop & compound. TY Mono & Fantic tanks come up surprisingly well.Don't go down the heat gun or repainting route though , as it doesn't work very well. Its all there on You Tube. Our friends across the water are experts at it BTW !!!. Once tank has been refurbed to your satisfaction, Do this : Use better quality fuel i.e V - Power, as it has less of the low grade additives in it such as ethanol. Avoid Supermarket fuel too, as it is generally at the lower end of the fuel quality spectrum. Take a bit of care when filling up, wipe off any spills ASAP. Your decals will eventually come off, so get your local graphics shop to copy & knock up a few spare sets. Drain tank after every ride & leave fuel cap off. Tank will be dry. (not so good if you use bike all of the time). Don't use old fuel. Modern fuels are not long lived. Works for me & I have a few olde worlde classics with Fibre Glass tanks.
  7. pjw123

    Ullo from Whitby

    A couple of additional points on the Techno / Rev 3 front, or any of earlier Betas for that matter. After EVERY ride/ wash down, take off stator cover, & remove / dry out any condensation present. It will be damp. (3 allen screws). A thin smear of grease on joint when replacing cover. I've had more than a few Betas & never had any electrical bother.. Prevention better than cure IMHO. Ask vendor if water pump casing has ever been replaced. They are sometimes prone to internal corrosion / erosion. The last one I bought was £80. Overall , Betas are well put together & earlier models should be an ideal starter bike, if reasonably well looked after.
  8. pjw123

    06 TXT pro raga coolant and oil mixing - help!

    Arnou is correct. The main reason for oil emulsion, is that the pump shaft develops wear grooves in it over time where the seal makes contact with the shaft. Replacing the seal alone won't solve the problem. If the shaft finish is not perfectly smooth, then 9 times out of 10, you will need to fit a water pump overhaul kit. BTW, Don't forget to use proper marine / water pump grease during re assembly.
  9. pjw123

    uk trials

    If you want to ride a proper trial EVERY weekend & have a choice of 2 or 3 events within an hours drive, then there is only one place : North Yorkshire.
  10. pjw123

    240 head mod

    Leave headstock alone. Buy some new yokes. They are out there. Try Audit CNC. (Ad in Classic Dirt Bike)
  11. Its just an interference fit & these have been known to pop out. A gentle tap usually suffices. I fitted a longer tube & ran it up into the airbox. Works for me.
  12. pjw123

    New Start / Which Bike

    BETA EVO 250.
  13. pjw123

    My first Fantic!

    In Motion, Bill Pye, Bob Wright Mcs' all in the UK & can keep you rolling. Lots of them in regular use over here. One the finest twinshockers out of the box bar none. Top motor & superb build quality, & head & shoulders above its counterparts. For the 21st century. drop the pegs & bring the steering up to date with a new set of modern yokes.
  14. All done Bike up & running. 🙂 White wire is earth. Many thanks for your technical advice, & also worthy of mention is that Well known UK Chesterfield Trials Specialists : Spl*****p. Thank you folks. Original Fan Rec had a bad earth, so could have been likely initial cause.
  15. Been asked to sort out an old Pro !!!. (helping out a new start.) Has overheated. Fan & Stat tested out OK. Original Leonelli Fan AC/DC Rectifier u/s. (White 3 pin connector, Black / Red/ Yellow-earth). Replacement has arrived with a black 2 pin connector (black/ red, plus a single yellow (spade), & single white (bullet) wire. Kokusan wiring diag as per original Rectifier, so new Rec is a bit different. Single Yellow looks to be switched signal from stat, as per original, ( spade connector will hook up with original blue (!!!) wire from stat as per diagram. White wire I,m not so sure about. Think it might be earth, but would prefer to get it right first time. Firm believer in "If in doubt: Ask" . Have asked supplier, but Technical Support currently unavailable. Any advice greatly appreciated. Thank you.