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  1. Tjaila

    lost gear shifter...

    Thanks to all Involved. I can use an old one for the moment so I have Time To order
  2. Tjaila

    lost gear shifter...

    obviously, i will start calling dealers in my neighbourhood first thing in the morning, but sadly, none of them is a dedicated Beta dealer so my hopes are rather low
  3. Tjaila

    lost gear shifter...

    Hello Beta-friends, this just happened to me: after a long selection process (read: slow deciding) i finally went to get this 2013 Beta Evo 300 so, did a test drive, was happy, put it on my trailer, got home, got it off the trailer and noticed that the gear shifter was gone... i guess it vibrated off somewhere along the route so my question: any resource (online?) where i can find a replacement ? Beta replacement ? or another brand which will fit ? (and maybe is an improvement?) thanks for all help Peter (Belgium)
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