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  1. I sell trials bikes both new and used for a living, that noise is completely normal for any bike fitted with the diaphragm type of clutch (GasGas, Scorpa, Sherco, TRS, Vertigo, Ossa) Some are quieter, some louder, but to varying degree they all make that noise.
  2. Completely normal, it's the clutch and they all do it.
  3. Welcome to the wonderful world of trials! Sounds very much like you need to clean out the carb, not a difficult job just a bit fiddly if you're not used to them. You'll also need to check the filter and air box are clean. Might be worth seeking advice from someone at your local club / practice venue, the trials community are very friendly and most will be glad to help.
  4. I can also confirm that the motor is built by Yamaha.
  5. Non Stop Trials, South Wales. Hire a brand new Montesa 4rt £60 for a half day, not training but a brilliant venue with everything from simple flat bits to expert grade areas. Ideal for trying out trials at your own pace.
  6. I've an 09 Gas Gas 250 which I am thinking of changing. I have recently been lucky to get to try a 2018 Beta 300 ss, a 2018 Sherco 250 factory, a 2017 Sherco 250 and a 2017 Montesa 4rt. I'm a novice and all felt superior to my Gas Gas but my favourite was the 4rt (closely followed by the Beta) the motor is just stunning and I was immediately able to tackle stuff I struggle with on my Gas Gas. I've read lots about a so called lack of grip but I thought the grip was incredible, even on the very greasy hills. Maybe it just suits my riding style?
  7. Hi, did my first trial yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed. One thing I did notice was that my suspension was bottoming out quite a lot, now I'm about 15 stone so wondering if I should go for harder springs? I have contacted splatshop who say fork springs are not available anymore. Any thoughts on a way round this? Could I sort it with a bit of preload, thicker oil etc? Unless of course anyone has or knows where I could get a stiffer spring from? Any advice gladly received.
  8. Just an update to this, didn't get anywhere with trying to clean up the old basket. Fortunately found a complete clutch on ebay for £50 and it was local so collected this morning, fitted and the bike is now lovely and quiet, just a slight rumble at idle with the clutch out which is totally normal. Super quiet with the clutch in and no knocking when pulling away. Thanks for everyones help.
  9. Well, I have found the cause of my noise! Clearly the previous owner had an issue with the kickstart gear, both look new but on closer inspection there are shards of metal stuck in the clutch basket outer gear teeth. I've taken the basket and primary gear off and just rolling them together by hand you can hear the nose as it hits the damaged teeth. Has anyone managed to clean the gear up to cure this or do I need a new basket / primary gear?
  10. Thanks, I've taken the clutch off and it's the whole shaft that moves in and out so the clutch is fixed firmly to the moving shaft, I'm assuming this is normal.
  11. Video above is with clutch pulled. The random knocking you (hopefully) hear is much louder with the clutch out and also when pulling away.
  12. Thanks for the links, explains it well! Last question then so I can put my mind at rest - Is it normal for the clutch basket to move in and out 1-2 mm?
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