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  1. Head spacer or flywheel weight.
  2. No offence taken. The beauty of the trials community is that advice tends to be given on the basis of personal experience and the desire to see someone enjoying the sport on the correct bike rather than any financial gain, and that includes most good dealers
  3. Read the instructions that come with the meter, you have it set on multi cylinder not single.
  4. If you're not getting into the tight and technical it's pretty pointless buying a trials bike, that is what they are built for, not blasting up hill climbs. That aside I would be buying a Scorpa out of that lot, UK back up and parts availability is fantastic and the bike is also great to ride.
  5. Go and get a ride on a Vertigo 200.
  6. Too much oil will result in a lean fuel/air mixture. I've pulled the top end off a very hard used Vertigo (not for failure reasons) and can tell you 30ml is more than enough to keep it running spot on.
  7. Why use 40/45 if the recommended is 30? Too much is as bad as too little.
  8. Standard rear, same as just about any other modern trials bike. Front sprocket same as gasgas pro, ossa, TRS pre 19.
  9. Does it do it in both map switch positions.
  10. compactpete

    Electric start

    Kickstart or Kickstart/Electric Start, those are the options. I think I should know, I'm a TRS dealer!
  11. compactpete

    Electric start

    Yes it does have a kick start.
  12. What oil mix ratio are you running?
  13. I sell trials bikes both new and used for a living, that noise is completely normal for any bike fitted with the diaphragm type of clutch (GasGas, Scorpa, Sherco, TRS, Vertigo, Ossa) Some are quieter, some louder, but to varying degree they all make that noise.
  14. Completely normal, it's the clutch and they all do it.
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