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  1. Thanks. We'll try that next although he can't get out to ride at the moment so will just need to run up and down the driveway a few times. We'll make sure it's hot first.
  2. Cheers for that. It's probably had 15 minutes running time since the work and hasn't been ridden. Would you suggest changing the oil again straight away or keep an eye on it for now to see if it worsens? He certainly didn't experience any clutch drag when putting it in gear. I've also thought - would it be worth sampling the coolant to see if that's contaminated as well (my reasoning being that any failure of seals, etc could cause contamination both ways)? With the perforated case it was obvious that both were contaminated.
  3. My lad's just noticed that his 2006 Rev03 coolant looks "milky" again (see photo), despite carrying out an in-depth overhaul of the clutch and casings. He was initially experiencing the typical clutch drag issues but after removing the clutch, we found that the inner clutch case had perforated. As a result, he's carried out the following: Replaced inner clutch case, associated bearings and seals (including the cover gasket and O-ring). Replaced water pump bearings and seals. Replaced clutch plates, basket and primary drive. Replaced oil and coolant. To be honest, we're both now at our wits end over this. He's owned the bike for nigh on a year and still hasn't had chance to ride it due to the work he's been doing on it (he's also replaced fork seals, wipers and oil, exhaust O-rings and oil seals, removed and cleaned the air box and replaced the air filter). Does anybody have an idea what else we've missed? Could it be that the water pump shaft should have been replaced at the same time? Thanks in advance.
  4. Inny

    Rev03 Fork Bushes

    Thanks again - much appreciated.
  5. Inny

    Rev03 Fork Bushes

    Thanks Carl. It's the same bush in the last 2 photos. Having not taken it apart myself, my assumption was that, for this bush, the bearing surface is the inner bore (as opposed to the external diameter of the bush shown in the first photo) and that the external wear was due to it being pressed into its location. I'm no mechanic so stand corrected if I'm wrong.
  6. Inny

    Rev03 Fork Bushes

    Can anybody please advise? My lad's taken his Rev03 forks apart to repair a couple of scratches on the stanchions. Whilst doing this, he's concerned that the fork bushes may need replacing. What do people think? Thanks in advance.
  7. Inny

    2006 Rev.03 Clutch Removal

    Any tips on fitting a new O-ring for the clutch cover?
  8. Inny

    2006 Rev.03 Clutch Removal

    That's what I was thinking but just wanted to make sure. If it needs replacing, will it be a standard item or Beta specific? Thanks Dave
  9. I've finally got round to removing the clutch on my lad's bike prior to replacing the perforated clutch case. Before I do, can anybody enlighten me on removing the retaining clip shown on the attached photos? Is it a case of just bending the 2 lugs back prior to using a 22mm socket? If that's the case, I assume a new clip will need fitting afterwards. Are there any tips on re-installing this before I mess anything up? Also, I can't find a part number on the Beta website for this clip - does anybody know this and where I can find one in the UK? Many thanks in advance for any advice. Everybody's been a great help so far.
  10. I've ordered a new case, seals and pump shaft bearings today from BVM Moto. Hopefully it won't be too much trouble to fit.?
  11. I'll give it a go but thought the corrosion may have gone too far given it's actually perforated the case. Do you still reckon it's worth it? Also, can it be done without taking the case off? Cheers.
  12. My son recently bought a 2006 250cc REV 3 as his first bike. We came across the usual sticking clutch on which I carried out a poor fix (new plates probably required as a result). However, this helped but, after being stood for a couple of weeks, it is now impossible to put in gear without it stalling. He's now just dropped the oil, which was very milky, which lead us to think there's a leak from the coolant. Other posts suggest any coolant leak to the clutch will cause or make clutch drag worse. After draining the coolant and removing the pump cover, it's quite obvious the inner clutch case is absolutely shot. In fact, there are 2 small holes right through the case! First thing's first - we need to replace the case. Does anybody have a link or instructions for what we need to do and how we go about it? I'm a manufacturing engineer but not a mechanic so am happy doing it provided I know what I'm doing! Also, what other parts do I need to replace at the same time? The pump cover, impeller and impeller shaft all look fine which makes me think these parts have already been replaced. Thanks in advance
  13. Are there any issues with replacing the inner clutch cover (apart from the bash plate) and does anybody have any instructions - or a link to any? Just found this today on the first bike my son bought!
  14. I've carried out the clutch fix but think I may have messed up - it looks like I've not got all the tabs square when doing the final polish after cleaning the faces with a needle file (see pic). Will I need new plates? My worry is, if there's excess play, it may damage the clutch basket.
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