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  1. Just serviced the swing arm, linkage and shock bearings on my RT260 - just greased and re-installed. The bit of slop in the travel that was there since new is still there and I’ve pin-pointed the top shock bearing as where there is play. Back in my MX days I remember this was often where play occurred. is it just normal to have a bit of play here?
  2. My 2016 4RT with 40 hours on the clock makes a bit of black smoke when I rev her. Runs great, lovely machine, starts easy. Full disclosure: I’m a lazy man, full maintenance done when I bought her with 10 hours on the clock. Nothing since other than cleaned and oiled the air filter about ten hours ago. Time for valve tuning? Too much oil on filter? Trade for a 2019?
  3. Thanks for your answers, I’ll be trying the Twin Air.
  4. Anyone use a TwinAir replacement air filter on their RT? Did you retain the steel screen? Any comments?
  5. Thanks, those are pretty close to stock settings. I’ll keep fiddling. I’ll be alert for compression changes too - good advice
  6. Just wondering what suggestions I would get for clicker settings on my 4rt 2016 (non repsol). I’m 160lbs of average but aged rider. Sag is set.
  7. Hi Lefebvre! I’m a Trials enthusiast in Ottawa and always looking for places to practice and people to ride with. I’m an old guy and campaign the CVMG vintage series in Quebec and have just gotten a modern Trials bike for ATA/ATAQ events. We should get together...
  8. Broke one of the front brake caliber bolts while taking off the forks for a fluid change. 2016 model, only 13 hours on it, this was the first time the bolt was turned since coming from the factory. I need to take the caliber apart to get the remaining bolt out. The manual suggests replacing the whole unit if any part is damaged so no disassembly info. Does anyone have some experience taking the caliber apart? Looks straightforward, only a bolt and a screw, but will it go back together?
  9. Here’s a shot from my manual (73 247)
  10. Just acquired a 2016 4RT and quite pleased. I’m a bit fussy on controls and although the throttle cable routing is to spec with the manual, i still get increased throttle when i turn the bars hard right. No problem on left turns. Is this normal? Anyone got a fix before I pull the tank and start playing around?
  11. Steve, I’m in Ottawa and have a parts book - not a manual as such but shows all components with blow-ups. I also have a few spare parts and a spare motor. my 73 247 was stolen a few years ago sadly.
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