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  1. He did say that he talked to another Montesa owner and he said to add an extra 25cc-50cc of oil to make it shift smoother he did say that helped also. Bike was a big hit lots of people stopped to look at it and ask questions, two of our club members that are bike enthusiasts took it for a ride in the parking lot and loved so much asking if I ever sell it to let them know. Hope you finish yours and get it to a show
  2. Oil changed in the gearbox and it is definitely shifting better Took it to our car clubs (Hi-Lites Motor Club) first show of the year and it was a huge hit everybody loved it
  3. Hoping the oil change makes the difference, bike was completely rebuilt never really ran and stored until I bought it, all done by an excellent mechanic
  4. From the first initial ride up in the mountains behind my house
  5. Definitely going to switch to this oil as I am also having the issue of it jumping out of higher gears, thank you so much for taking the time to post this
  6. I may have to try this the false neutrals are very annoying
  7. Cant find anywhere where it says it is Classification GL-4 ?
  8. Well he Castrol Manual Vmx 80w is only available in Australia ! Any other suggestions brand specific ?
  9. The mechanic said he was going to use something with GL-4 per your advise because of brass, on the first page it was suggested to use Castrol Manual Vmx 80w due to the same symptoms I may go this route although it is 80w A manual transmission fluid of advanced design especially developed to provide easier gear changes over a wide temperature range. It is particularly versatile in cold weather as it reduces shift effort at start-up, as well as controlling transmission noise and idle rattle at operating temperatures. Application It should be used in manual transmissions of most car and light commercial vehicles (LCV’s) requiring GL-4 performance, where improved low temperature shift performance is required. Features & Benefits Quieter transmission operation and easier low temperature gear shifting improves driving experience Improved gear tooth and bearing durability reduces the risk of breakdown and extended component life Effective lubrication over a wide temperature range It can be used as a low drag gearbox oil in 2-stroke motorcycles with separate gearboxes Specifications SAE 80W viscosity – SAE 75W-80 extrapolated (equivalent to 10W-30) API Service Classification GL-4
  10. Picked up the Montesa the other day finally had a chance to take some pictures last night
  11. So riding it around last night it is doing exactly what you are saying it is false nuetraling between most of the gears I'll need to find out what he put in the gearbox and maybe change it
  12. This is very exciting in deed! Looks like your bike body extends over the rear fender where mine ends before the grab bar? What year and model is that seat from? That would be awesome for exploring
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