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  1. I wouldn't use ATF as your clutch will probably already have a tendancy for the plates to stick together when left for more the a couple of weeks and using this oil willmake this worse. I would go for a light gear oil
  2. I'd go for second hand wheels, some turn up on Ebay
  3. If you have a small capacity 12v charger (or can borrow one) try charging each battery individually. The chargers aren't well made, mine certainly gave up and I know of others. Don't have to buy one from Oset though there are alternatives about.
  4. Mine was gutless and I was a schoolboy then. It looks the wheels are already 18/21 as mine was
  5. use the hubs from the K10/11 80cc Suzuki. I only have experience of using super six pistons, I think the GT250 ones are slightly shorter and may mess with the porting
  6. I've done a couple of tanks which had gone thin and slightly holey using a sealent, can't remember the name - got it from Wyldes in Leeds
  7. Cheers, did think it would stall easily
  8. Join the optimised fantic part of facebook as they come up on there from time to time, the 125 one fits. Looks a really nice bike
  9. the red one is knackered and the blue one is newer
  10. Shame there is no video, would be nice to hear it running
  11. Fairly sure this is normal, the points are 'earthing' through the condenser. I seem to remember on the 123 I had many years ago disconnecting the condenser to check the timing using on of those buzzer devices.
  12. Is there anywhere in the UK to get OKO's from?
  13. Sorry no, I had one for the kids and it was a good bike. A tip I was given is not to turn off the fuel tap as it's quite badly made and sometimes it rips itself out of the tank. i only ever put a small amount of fuel in and ran it out or drained the carb
  14. teamferret

    1978 frame colour

    Are the forks you are looking for the ones with quite short bottoms?
  15. teamferret

    250 4rt crank

    I'm sure there are others, but a firm near to Nottingham called SEP have a large press and some tooling with which they can squeeze the crank and lobe it such that the bearing grips and remains concentric. They have done a couple for me over the years
  16. I like to run the carb dry before putting the bike on the trailer and blow the tyres up to about 15 PSI too
  17. Try Iain at Ellastone offroad, now at Rocester
  18. Is this the older model? if so I think I have
  19. I've converted a couple of mono's to twinshock with few problems. I used the shortest shocks from NJB which work well
  20. teamferret

    Kickstart stuck

    It's an extra flywheel weight. A half inch drive socket wrench will fit, if memory serves me it is a left hand thread.
  21. I have done this in the past with no issues on similar
  22. I agree, though I skipped to some later coverage of a guy on a TLR doing presumably some kind of easy route which was like a motorway. What is the penalty for sitting motionless with one foot on the floor?
  23. I could have finished 15th
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