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  1. Hi all, quick question, where do you get replacement fork wipers from? the ones I have pull out of the leg on rebound. :( Many thanks.
  2. Thank you very much for the information, just what I needed. I was looking in the parts book section under "forks" but it has a different picture, only has the long spring shown. Cheers.
  3. Hi all, I need some help please with assembling the forks on my Beamish. It's been quite some time since I took them apart so my memory for the position of the parts is faint, The drawing of the forks on the Beamish owners club differs from mine so i'm uncertain as to the position of all the parts. I'm hoping someone on this forum has pictures of the correct assembly for the parts in the picture I have attached. my main concern is for the position of the small springs on the damper rod. Thanks in advance. Phil.
  4. philcbr


    Hi all Tried to remove the shaft securing the swingarm to the frame today, no joy, seems stuck solid. I have recently purchased the bike which was restored some years ago but not used since then, the swingarm has been re-chromed so I'm supprised the retaining shaft did not come out easily ? Any thoughts and tips on removing the shaft will be most appreciated. Regards Phil.
  5. Thanks guys.........not sure about the Halfords stuff the reviews are terrible.
  6. Hi all whats the best paint for exhausts, looking for a satin finnish, not matt. Phil
  7. For those who are interested the inside of a RL250 main box looks like this: http://i513.photobucket.com/albums/t336/philcbr/RL250%20stuff/DSCF2755_zps5mlqwzrg.jpg http://i513.photobucket.com/albums/t336/philcbr/RL250%20stuff/DSCF2759_zps66zpinn7.jpg Gave the inside a quick clean with a wire brush, looks ok. There is something behind the mesh which is hard enough to rattle, I’m guessing it is the remains of some sound absorbent material mixed with the oil which has formed a hard substance. Replacing the wadding? Will be difficult as the mesh is spot welded in place….more work. Phil
  8. Many thanks, i will do that. phil
  9. Hi Can anyone help me with information about the exhaust system on my 1980 RL250? I'm trying to find out if the main box has any sound reducing material inside or is it just an empty box? I have cut open the rear box and found evidence of some sound deadening material, so I will clean it up and re-pack it and weld it up. Regards Phil
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