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  1. Hi, there is a well known Spanish company (Vallmoto) who supply replacements at €57 - 58. I think I saw a complete wiring loom on their site with the switch.
  2. Hi Have you looked at vallmoto in Valencia, Spain. Excellent stock and most parts available.
  3. Hi ndrtrials, The only numbers I have are the engine and frame numbers (51M 18186) no other info available I'm afraid. I really didn't want a Q plate if at all possible so if the bike already has a number assigned then great, but if not I may go down the £95 route as suggested by Woody, Any info you may be able to supply would be very welcome. Thanks all Andrew
  4. Thanks Woody, All good info there. I've got to agree the £95 option does sound tempting. Andrew
  5. Hi, Need a little advice if possible. I have a 349 Cota which I've had for a few years now and have decided that this year I'll get the bike finished. It's still in bits but I've contacted Sandifords for an age related certificate which they cannot issue now due to not being authorised by HMRC. Can the bike be registered without this document? I don't know if the bike was ever registered as there were no documents supplied with the bike when I bought it. I'm pretty sure it's a Mark 1 349 from the engine and chassis numbers, probably late 1979 early 1980. The numbers are: 51M 18186. I would prefer an age related registration number rather than a Q plate if possible. Thanks in advance. Andrew
  6. I thought the early 349s didn't have the chain tensioner fitted as standard. Is it an easy MOD?
  7. Sounds a cracking buy. I bought mine for the fun of the rebuild (how wrong you can be) and to ride some twin shock trials. maybe go to work on it if the suns shining. Its currently in boxes waiting for me to get round to building it. Not without problems though (see the thread on footpegs). All the best Andrew
  8. Keep posting your progress on the DVLA side as I intended to register mine for the 1st time after completing it. I've heard that it can be tricky now with the local licensing offices closing down. May be different in Scotland though. Andrew
  9. Sandifords used to offer an age certificate service for UK supplied Montesa. Not sure if they still do but its got to be worth a try. Andrew
  10. Hi, a word of warning if wanting to lower the pegs on early 349's. The rear brake pedal is 'outboard' and will foul on the bottom of the footrest bracket. Being a chump I've done this and now face the dilema of taking the brackets off and replacing in a different position or file (neatly) a small 'V' in the brake pedal to get the correct pedal height, which may weaken the pedal. At least I checked before having the frame powder coated. Andrew
  11. I must have been a very lucky 14 year old. I hadn't been told that one!
  12. Split the cases a few times on my 123 in the 70's but don't remember having to remove one half and leave the other stationary. If you do split the cases though I would recommend replacing all of the circlips on the gear shafts as I had a similar problem. These gearboxes (I was told at the time) were notoriously brittle, however once I changed the circlips no more selection problems or trouble at all.
  13. I don't think the translation would be that important. It is basically a full owner manual with a parts book etc. I've been able to get the info that I wanted and I can't speak Spanish at all! Rather than putting your email address up for all to see, if you send me a personal message (an option on the drop down menu by your user name) I will forward the file to you. Or as I said in my previous post you could visit todotrial.com and downlod the manual in PDF format. Andrew
  14. Kombivan, I have had the same problems finding information. If you PM me I can send you a PDF of a manual with all the torque settings, oils and quantities and factory specs for the bike. Or you could visit todotrial.com and download the manual. It is actually for the 349/4 but from what I can see most parts are common. Oh, its in Spanish, but the important stuff is in English too. Andrew
  15. andrewb

    Cota 349

    Bore = 83.4mm (standard) Stroke = 64mm Not sure on the gudgeon pin but I'm sure someone will be along shortly to let you know. Andrew
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