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  1. You have to weigh the whole bike.
  2. So did you buy shocks. I bought another TL250 last weekend. Was supposed to had the front end pulled in, but not. Interestling it had a rear shock mod done. Stockers were 14 inch long, this has 13.5 inch shocks. Thinking of a set of 15 inch shocks.
  3. It's worn out, take it to a Sherco dealer.
  4. Remember you have to loosen the rear engine mount bolts to get the shaft out.
  5. I show 22201-376-000 are the correct plates.
  6. The chrome tubes should be straight forward replacements as the guts have all the parts on them. I have no idea on quantity the Zokes on a Ossa use. The rest of it should be similar to a Gasser with the same type. Should be a video out there somewhere. Not hard if you have an air gun, otherwise try loosening the lower bolt in the fork with it compressed before you take anything apart. Minimum is all you need is new fork seals and dust seals.
  7. I once put a Beta under the Christmas tree and swore to her I had nothing to do with it. It was all Santa`s fault. That was in 1989. Then last year I took her to the Yamaha shop to put a deposit on her new Waverunner, we immediately stopped and I put a deposit on my 75th Anniversary Edition Montesa 301. Fair is fair.
  8. Sounds more than an idle. What oil ratio are you mixing in that old Bike. My first trials bike was a 1970 247 also, but that was 50 years ago!
  9. The sections now are set quite bit tighter than in 1970. You will find slower is better, especially as when the bike was made you never used the clutch in a section.
  10. lineaway

    Smokey Exhaust

    White should be a head gasket leak.
  11. lineaway

    Smokey Exhaust

    I would bet your crankcase seal is bad on the clutch side. The heavier oil just made it obvious. Or you have a head gasket leak. White smoke or black/blue?
  12. You would like the EVO 250 better. And the Beta does start easier than your Montesa.
  13. Have you cleaned the exhaust lately?
  14. Yes, it is normal on a trials bike to remove your foot off the peg to shift.
  15. Just the right side case and clutch to get at the shift shaft.
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