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  1. The Holiday thing is pretty simple, most of the U.S. holidays are Christian or have something to do with our past. Which lately has become under fire as Racist or about us being Bigots. At the rate we are going everyday will be just like yesterday as any holiday would upset someone, just like a Brexit holiday might offend some people. I do agree the job situation is not good for most people, my own circumstances are quite comical. I left high school thinking I would retire from working in the energy field. From the need for Nuclear Power Electrical plants to be precise. I was in Nuclear Power School when 3 Mile Island melt down happened. At 60 years old I am digging ditches for a living and very happy with my job. Still unbelievable in my own mind. LOL. But I get plenty of time off to ride Trials!
  2. Well I just mentioned a new Holiday. I love to see added holidays. Nothing better than a 3 day camping trip. I did not throw the first stone. I remarked to stupidity, and hence some get labeled. I myself hate to see traditions pass away due to the mix of cultures. In 100 years holidays will be a thing of the past, it will probaply be forbidden to celebrate anything. If you want to retire in another country, just save more. Its possible to go almost anywhere, just have to be able to afford it.
  3. I`ll just stick to freedom in general at this point. My family is celebrating the 244th Anniversary of the Battle of Moores Creek Bridge this week. And just a few moments ago President Trump used the Presidential Limosine as the Pace car for the Daytona 500 stock car race. 😎
  4. lineaway

    Oil for techno

    ATF. 80 to 1 and depends on your forks.
  5. It was usually the black wire coming out of the CDI. It is beyond me why you want to put one on. I keep mine wrapped tight so it does not come off. Dumbest safety device ever. Right next to unspillable gas cans that end up spilling everywhere. The magnet can pop off by an abrupt hit, a bush can grab it, and scratching and itch or waving to a friend can cause you to crash.
  6. No, I just happened to be home from work early and it happened to be live on CNN. I get it that this should not be a political platform. Brexit good or bad, my view point is freedom from a group of idiots telling another Nation what to do should be well worth it. The EU always stunk with the one world government mentality.
  7. The Beta Evo is a good bike. I wish you luck. Ist Gen Frame.
  8. Save yourself time and money, go ahead and replace both.
  9. lineaway

    CDI failures

    We have not seen a CDI issue here, but we are almost always dry. Only ride water a few times in the summer.
  10. lineaway

    4RT to 4T?

    The family that I work for all ride 4RT`s. They are always trying to get me to change brands. I ride a 2T Beta. My son had a 2015 4T and loved it. He has a TRS 300 rr. He is going back to the Beta 4T. The only time my Boss`s son has won his class was on a borrowed Beta 4T. I give them hell about that all the time. But a new 301 sure looks good!
  11. It has to be hot enough that it steams.
  12. I would be checking the lmpellor.
  13. You will have to shorten the push pin. That is the part that pushes in the piston on the M/C. Just try a little at a time. PS. the S3 digit levers have a narrow blade which also will help.
  14. lineaway


    The plugs would foul easily, so you could just change the lead. Not having to change a hot plug.
  15. lineaway

    Vertical R 2020

    You would have to have access to Vertigo`s secret Forum`s to know anything.
  16. The Beta 200 is really a good bike. I would give the clutch a good hard break in. You are right, but it should really not be dragging much. The only way to get a Beta to clutch cleanly is with the shims. That is why the Jap riders have been doing this for decades now. By the way, I was riding Expert already when you first started, and I still do. But poorly.
  17. The Beta 250 would be the best practical first bike. If your not in a big hurry, take a bunch of cash to the Moto Trials National April 25th and 26th. You can find many late model bikes for sale at a great deal AND get a chance to ride them right on location.
  18. Yeah, I have figured out how to on the Beta. Looking at a 301 and I will have to fix that too. Maybe I can get it to grip at the same time!
  19. lineaway


    The only way that we won`t be using Petroleum in 15 years, would be a Pandemic has killed us off.
  20. If that does not work, than a few KTM parts will fix it.
  21. 425 cc of ATF dex 3. Been riding Beta`s since 1990. Also is this your first trials bike!
  22. No, my boss spent 45 days in 2017 on his honeymoon and enjoyed it very much. I have been all over the world while in the Navy, but never made it to the U.K. Of course most of us had relatives that came over from G.B. and Scotland, Holland, France and Sweden. And being a trials rider all my life I keep a close watch of events.
  23. Remove the brake lever and use a phillips screw driver or balled allan wrench to pump. Sometimes Burping the banjo bolt to the M/C helps get it started. Having the caliper higher than the M/c helps the air to flow out. I like using a 3 foot clear hose straight over the rear fender.
  24. You still have air in it. The rear caliper has to be higher than the m/c to bleed out. I also use 3 ft of clear hose over the rear fender. Gravity is your friend this way.
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