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  1. They forgot Mule Shoe. 😎
  2. Well having Texas as a location is not even close to a location. Try these folks and they do show a modern bike fore two grand. https://www.dsquaredtrials.com/
  3. You are not going to find anything modern in that price range. But to learn the basics in trials it does not matter. Just know going in you are going to be riding the easier classes until you get real good or buy a newer bike. You have to ride a few events just to see if you like it at all. Just find yourself a vintage bike like a Yamaha TY175. There still is plenty of them around and it`s a great beginner bike, or you might get lucky and find aTY350 mono.
  4. Be careful as the brakes are really really good.
  5. Better attempt a lousy looking splatter than no attempt at all. With enough speed and a little input you would be surprised what the untalented can get away with.
  6. Back firing usually is timing. A leak down test is to check the main seals. It is well known that the 348 can have leaking main seals.Put your money where the problem is.
  7. I would do a leak down test, before buying a new carb for that beast..
  8. Actually he is not wrong. I once was training a guy from Saudi Arabia, we had stopped for a burger at a fast food restaurant for lunch. About 30 miles down the road he launches the bag out the window. I spun around and had him get out. We argued a bit about littering. He could care less, but we were about 240 miles from his home. I would of left him in the middle of the Desert if he did not picked up his trash. He never finished his training. He was raised a total pig. Unfortunately a good share of illegals are the same way. Not that it cannot happen from anyone.
  9. lineaway

    Exhaust pipe pop

    Manual? I don`t see a manual for a 2020. I would get a 10tooth and a 48. You might get to know Stu at Jackscycles.com or try the trials store. https://www.trialstoreusa.com/front-sprocket-gasgas-vertigo/ The KTM dealer will not be much help.
  10. lineaway

    Exhaust pipe pop

    Go to your Gas Gas dealer and get 1 tooth smaller on your counter shaft sprocket. The gas gas always had too tall of first gear for tight sections. PS who is your dealer. You should have a 46 to 48 pilot jet.
  11. lineaway

    Exhaust pipe pop

    Go to your Gas Gas dealer and get 1 tooth smaller on your counter shaft sprocket. The gas gas always had too tall of first gear for tight sections.
  12. You guys just do not have the land. Our small state of 3 million people produce more green energy than you can imagine. And we are one of the poorest states in the USA! 357 MW of wind 237 MW of solar and tripling soon! https://www.pnm.com/solar1
  13. Simple you splatter it! Basically you use the clutch to launch the rear tire into the obstacle and keep your speed up the hill.
  14. The only sensible answer is to remove us from this planet. Good Luck. But they almost accomplished it this year, or was it just a test run? They do have another virus that has more than a 75% mortality rate. Think on that for a second. This year they proved just how ill prepared we actually are. And also proved how ignorant we have become with all of us with conflicting opinions. These problems started centuries ago and we have the simple minded people thinking it is the fault of our current politicians.
  15. First Raga was a 280 in 03. First 300 was in 2004. First in 2004 was number 109 of 400. I happened to own number 109 for about 12 years. Great bike!
  16. I cannot wear tight gloves at all. I have broke too many bones in my hands through the years. The gloves have to be a loose fit.
  17. It`s not a coil. get with your dealer.
  18. Just drill it out, worst that could happen is buying a new one.
  19. Best way is to take it completely off the bike. People are just too lazy to do it right. You can hang it by the caliper and use a phillips to pump the m/c. This works the easiest because the trapped air can go straight up. Otherwise the air stays trapped at the banjo bolt. You can also take a 3 foot clear hose up and over the rear fender. You will still have to crack the bolt at the m/c.
  20. I had to get a Covid test yesterday for a surgery this week. Largest testing center for our state. 50+ cars in the medical line. Only 3-4 cars in the actual covid line. I did get my results online in less than 24 hours. Thankfully I get to have my elbow surgery so I can continue riding trials till I die.
  21. Make sure you have free play at the lever or the m/c will not move enough fluid.
  22. Our 2018 RR has done 22 events in the master class and the Ute Cup in 2018 which is a 80 mile event of mostly single track. Most of the plastic looks new. Have only replaced the water pump seal once.
  23. I would buy a left handed drill bit set. While drilling you might get lucky and the bolt just come right out. Throw away the torque wrench. The only place on a motorcycle to use one are the cylinder head bolts.
  24. lineaway

    2021 301RR

    Well they just finally beat out Beta for the worst fender design ever. Did they use a `57 chevy bel air or a F`14 fighter jet for the idea???
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