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  1. whiskey

    Sharp Brakes

    Hi Guys Many thanks for the replies Went with mcman56's suggestion and cut an X in the pads, both front and rear Also adjusted the front brake lever so it engages sooner so i have less leverage effect on it Seem to of worked, went to a trial much happier with the brakes Thanks again guys Whiskey
  2. whiskey

    Sharp Brakes

    Hi Guys Not sure if its me or the bike? My braking seems to be on or off, no in-between, no modulation My bike is a 2004 Scorpa SY250, but all bikes of this age seem to use AJP brakes Went to a trial this weekend locking front and back brakes, did not see anybody else lock front! Your help is needed, what should i do? Thanks Whiskey
  3. whiskey

    SY250 Silencer

    Looking for a new silencer for a SY250 OEM or aftermarket? This seems to be a problem for an older model bike, it is quite noisy somone has tried to repack it before, not done a great job There seems to be a lot of SY250 still about, all getting louder, somone must make them?
  4. Hi Moulder The electrics are a bit of a head scratcher to cram it all in☺ I have found a website which helped me https://sites.google.com/site/scorpaukresources/home Hope this helps Whiskey
  5. Hi Bobber Slightly harsh comments by "Aircooled4ever", one mans poison etc It is more of a twinshock than all the converted monos and mega bucks british bikes etc out there! Anyway, as an RTX owner (check "Garages"), my view of the RTX Good points, It is a well designed trials bike to get people into trials, they are reliable, sturdy, built to budget Bad points, a bit, to built to budget, brakes rubbish, overweight (you get your moneys worth in metal!) I also have a Beta rev3 200cc, my results are about the same! depends on the trial, the Beta is better on really technical stuff, and turns tighter, the RTX holds a line better and has good grip (slower steering, and more weight), i take the Beta to modern trials, the RTX to classic trials About the same cost to keep running, neither requires a great deal, just regular maintenance I do agree with aircooled4ever, you will never make money from it, but do we do this sport for the money or the fun? Anyway if you find your self with a spare RTX/Minsk engine, give me a bell, alway like a few spares Hope you have fun Whiskey
  6. Why don’t we petition the government to relax the gun laws? Let’s wipe out these vermin! I know, I know slightly hard core, .... but when you have spent your hard earned cash and valuable time on the love of your life and some low life takes her away you will know I am on about, *******s!
  7. Hi Ring up your local bearing supplier, ask for; Swing arm bearings, HK2218 Roller Needle Cup Bearing If the spacer is worn you will have to buy these from Beta FYI, if you need swing arm bearings, i bet the bottom shock bearing is wore too Shock bearings BLRB366748 Spherical Bearing These are for my 2003 Rev 3, should be the same Happy to help Whiskey
  8. whiskey

    For Beta Or Worse

    Hi Hrmad My Beta is a 2003 model, yellow front mudguard, grey rear mudguard Not troubles, just teething problems! Betas are well designed and parts are of good qualitily, it is just they sqeeze every thing in there! I enjoy my time in my garage (not a big TV fan), bonding with my stead Like yourself i am hoping nothing more than routine maintenance from here on Good luck!
  9. whiskey

    For Beta Or Worse

    Hi All My first post! Purchased Beta Rev3 200 about September 2014, my first "modern bike" Every time i look at it find something else not quite right! Saw it advertised on the internet, not far from me about fifty miles, did some research decided I liked it, went to have a look, bugger would not start! Should have walked away then! Made stupid offer (I had bike love), a bit of negotiation, took it home! Now, I like playing with the spanners, so I worked out previous owner had flooded engine. I removed the spark plug, fuel off, throttle wide open, a few kicks, installed new plug, fuel on, second kick, lots of smoke and that nice throbbing trials bike sound, success! Time was getting on, about midnight, did not want to upset neighbours, oddly they don’t appreciate the delicate tones of two stroke motorcycles. Couple of days later, strong smell of petrol coming from garage! Yeah I didn’t turn fuel off, quickly found out from previous owner his problem with the bike, anyway removed carb, no dirt or water, ordered new needle valve and seat (from USA, 1/3 price of UK with postage!) While I was waiting for needle valve seat to arrive, checked rest of bike out, ended up; New swing arm bearings (HK2218 Roller Needle Cup Bearing) New Shock bearings (BLRB366748 Spherical Bearing) Cleaned and lubed head bearings Take exhaust apart to remove fuel, decoke, weld plate, mount and repack silencer Removed air box and thoroughly cleaned Removed broken studs (one in air box, one holding rear mudguard to frame, one on triple clamp, had to helicoil) Purchased new air filter (slight tear), subframe brackets (one cracked, one bent), rubber air box to carb tube (split) and throttle cable. Put all this back together, it came apart quite easy, going back together, emmmm, took some time! Anyway first ride, developed new problems Clutch sticking and drag Card settings, mainly float level, although it is very sensitive to the airscrew Brake performance Suspension settings Leaking oil from clutch cover More time in garage, misses getting jealous! Read about clutch fix and card setting on this forum, big thanks to all for posting the information Bled brakes, purchased new pads Put 43 tooth sprocket on rear Dropped forks until the tops are level with top clamp, decreased sag both ends Purchased new clutch cover gasket, fitting it was easy, DO NOT EVER REMOVE YOUR SUMP PLATE!That is three hours of my life I will never get back! Went out for second ride, feels much better, clutch still sticks when cold but ok when warmed up, changed spark plug to a BP5ES, feels better off idle, played with air screw (about 2 ¼ out), brakes work ok, handling great. Anyway cheap purchase, £200 in parts and about 60 hours’ work (mostly enjoyable), I am pleased with this bike, now. I trust it, I like riding it, it just feels right. A bit more practicing, and I am then hoping to entre a few local events, if I can work out this joining clubs/open to centre malarkey, why not run all events enter on day? People like me who will probably only do a few events a year, do not want to join clubs, centres etc. Funny thing is every bike I have ever purchased has had problem, it is part of the sport, right?
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