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    1980s Italjet 350 four stroke ?

    As i said no pics as yet, but this one here is in frighteningly similar overall condition, one thing though, ours as no damage as such its just been parked up and left, everything looks very well maintained and not warn sprockets etc. I suppose when he left them when he went to the middle east then ultimately back to the states,, they would not have been very old 5 or six years and having two trials bikes here he must have been a keen rider. Its same colour red and white. A mate suggested it might be a ducati single non desmo out of a mark 3 . i have not looked at any pics online to see if this is feasible or not, but i do no ducati engines are in cagivas etc so its not perhaps as daft as it first sounds. PS is not Ducatti mk3 they are left hand kickstart. Another PS. Old Rotax engine Apparently. if the atached forum thread i found is to be taken seriously , these Italjets are a numb heavy thing, which i must say was my first thought throwing a leg over it. http://forum.ozvmx.com/index.php?topic=32677.0 But on a pluss note im not scarred as much as i was re finding engine parts etc if i need any now. its in roughly this condition excuse the pum.
  2. bobber job

    1980s Italjet 350 four stroke ?

    I have found Two trials bikes on a small farn not far from Elgin in Scotland. These bikes were apparently stored and used at the farm by a serving American airman at some airbase up there, in or around the time of the first gulf war. They are in a sorry state sat in a Brick building since 1990 ish. One is a Italjet 350 4 stroke by the looks the other a ossa guessing thats a 350 probably late 70s. Italjet is turning over but feels stiff so i did not do too much kicking it moved that was all i did. Farmer got in touch with the owner in 2014 he gave them to the farmer, who promptly did nothing with them for another three years. I My question is whats the spares sittuation like for the Italjet? Its not an engine i recognised straight away, is it there own or some honda suzuki yamaha etc. I tend to think its their own as its nothing obvious to me anyway. No info online i could find but founds a few pictures that were enough to id it as a 350. Im collecting them in a few weeks all being well, just trying to get some info. Sorry no pics as yet they were in this black dungeon of a place and hard enough to get to never mind photo.
  3. bobber job

    Shock Absorber Oem Fit And Id Lists.

    In short. Are there any lists charts or web sites pages etc, that list what shocks were fitted as standard to trials bikes of various brands, and any similar info on how to ID the various makes of shocks and iding them besides the obvious looking for a name or number on them.
  4. I did expect some to recomend the TY 250 and the 250 325 Suzuki RL too, Must say i did not expect the yamaha ybr 125 to get a mention though. Interesting little engines they are how would you go on with the fuel injection though? Could you run it with a Capacitor bank, or would you have to have a batery ? Is not the Zonchen 200cc chinese engine a YBR125 clone, earlier Zongchens were similat to little SR125s or looked very like them.
  5. Interesting reading your coments here, One thing i have noticed is the apparent fondness of the smaller motors the 150cc fantic being popular and only a fleeting mention of a bultaco 325 and even the japs i expected them to get a much bigger mention. No suzukis RL or kawasaki KTs And Hondas. interest seems low in these which supised me. I mean Fantic motor i knew they were a decent bike but the engines i would have not given then a second glance without reading these coments.
  6. bobber job

    Merlin/cagiva Dg350

    An idea if you are strugling for engine parts. I am quite sure at one point Harley davidson had the cagiva 250 and 350 in a trail street bike can not remember the model number, in the case of the harleys they had a airmachi four stroke then they went to the cagiva then they went rotax engine. If you try harley davidson they might be able to get you parts from the old two stroke trail bikes.
  7. I have led a sheltered life, in my sporadic trials carrer spaning close to 5 decades now i have only experience with a few engines. BSAs bantam cota 123 and ty250B s oh and a ty80 Now recently considering an engine swap then deciding against it, i got to thinking did the members of this forum have any particular engine type or capacity that they would chose for their ulltimate air cooled twin shock project. What engine what capacity and why exactly detailing what it is about its power delivery torque respone etc etc you like so much about this particular engine.
  8. bobber job

    Front Brake Lining Material

    Did a quick search based on the above two posts came up with these places, might just have suitable lining material. This is a subject i need to look into brakes on some of our bikes are poor finding an effective material would be good. http://www.saftek.co.uk/contactus.html http://www.bcafrictionmaterials.com.au/products-brake-relining/woven-roll-lining
  9. bobber job

    Rtx 212 Std Or Four Stroke.?

    Welded the exhaust up tonight, its just the front pipe flange left to weld on now, i asked earlier for a picture off any RTX owners but managed without this, so deleted the request. The panelwork is poor, its not quite ozmosis but needs painting underneath and the gel coat is just not coming back, i will have to spray it.
  10. bobber job

    Rtx 212 Std Or Four Stroke.?

    We were given an old RTX 212 trials, Its in decent overall condition been sat in a shed for years. I got it as a summer project to keep the kids occupied and give them another bit different bike to play with compared to the sherco 125 they share now. Got it running with a carb clean and a bit of tinkering, engine is fine clutch ok and it goes through all four gears. Very little info on these things on the net, some talk on here and a few pdf files and brief history on them but other than that its Russian forums and google translate for further info. The bikes frame is chrome and cleaned up nice the plastic and fibre glass pannel work did not fair so good and the exhaust allthough basicaly all there has broken in three at the join seams and needs a few hours welding when i get time. Now to my question proper, im undecided if to keep the minsk engine in it and repair the exhaust i can still get a few spares from minsk spares but not all and RTX cycle parts will be unobtainable im guessing, but universal or other brand stuff could be used eassy enough. So i could run it stock, or as on a thread here i was intreagued by petedads mention of his cg 125 powered RTX, i have a similar GY200 engine generic chinese junk i agree but ubiquitous and i allready own it its in a partialy stripped china trail bike i bought for the front forks and wheel from an auction two years ago. Parts are going to be a lot eassier to get for the Chinese 200 pushrod engine, which runs great anyway. Undecided what to do with this bike, And if any such as petedad etc have any info they might share with me, before i start the conversion, Obvious one im thinking is the chain is on the oposite side of the frame, guessing a swap round of the wheel, but any more fabrication needed for the conversion, just asking first in case its not as straight forward as simply thinking the job through is. Is it worth the effort on what is a Russian trials bike after all.
  11. bobber job

    20 Inch Mod Frame Advice.

    Well just thought i would keep you up to speed on what the lad did re the Trials bike. We went down to collect the base as we outlined, and then on arival the nephew mentioned he had another trials bike he picked up the day before, the lad rode it and imediatly decided he wanted that, Cant find anything on this bike much. its an ASHTON JUSTICE 20 its got a mudguard come seat thing on it looks a bit gimikey but it suits the lad vand he is loving it, the worieng thing is he seems to be reading lots about these things now, and looking at some of the prices, i couild probably buy another used sherco 125 for him .
  12. bobber job

    20 Inch Mod Frame Advice.

    Hi my son 12 is wanting to get into mod 20 inch trials bikes, he has had a 26 inch onza spyrogula "spelling". a few years now and wants to trey a 20 inch. Now my nephew buys and sells a few police auction bikes from time to time, and gets the occasional stolen recovered unclaimed trials bikes and parts stashes . Typicaly he has few parts at this moment, but he has three nearly complete bikes, my son can have the pick of for free. Now all seem about the same condition wise one has no front brake and one has a hole in the back tyre. So all seem prety equal on quality. Now he three bikes are as folows . base TA20 with a round tube lover frame tube quite clean good tyres Another base ta 20 or t 20 this has the squarish bottom tube frame. And finaly there is an onza t pro its probably the scrufiest of the bunch but is tight and tyres are good. What is the best frame in these three he is not into street riding , and will just be using it as a back yard toy with a view to breaking out into a 20 inch bike. Sorry for the long winded post but have explained these three bikes nd their history background as clearly as i can.