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  1. webbo250

    Beta Rear Wheel

    Hi, Does anyone know if a rev3 rear wheel will fit straight into an evo or does it need different spacers ??
  2. Hi, Does anybody know when the new alpinestar no stop boots are coming out ? Different design worn by lots of guys at Penrith today.
  3. Simple, buy a big syringe then squirt accurately into oil filler hole.- heh presto no spills and accurate measurement
  4. Hi , Just trying to get on Haven trialsport website. it has been down for a couple of weeks. Does anybody know anything ? are they still in business?
  5. Hi, I Had a disc out and re packed with titanium cages and held together with metal rods 3 years ago. 3 months after the operation I bought a new evo as a treat and I have never had a twinge since. Go steady to begin with and you will be fine..
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