South Shropshire MCC Long Mynd Two Day Trial

A full riders list is available on the club web page - Here you can get your number and start times for both days. The trial will start from the camp site at Brow farm Ratlinghope, SY5 0SR. Camping is available with hot showers and toilet facilities. There is no need to book as there is plenty of room. Just turn up and John the farmer will catch up with you at some point. There is a local pub approx 1 mile from the camp site that does very good food, but you will have to book in advance. Alternatively its about a 15 minute drive over the longmynd to Church Street on where you can find pubs and restaurants, including Indian and Chinese restaurants and a 24hr garage if you need fuel. There will be hot food and drinks available each morning and Saturday at the end of the day but not at night.


In the next week or so a programme will be available to download of our club web site. For those of you who are coming to support your rider or who just want to spectate, there will be a route plan at the start of each day for you to follow to take you to fueling points and groups to watch. Please do not try to go to any other of the groups, only the ones specified. There is also a strict policy of no following the trial on bikes as the landowners only want Marshals and competitors on the course.


Please note that you will be riding through some built up areas so we will be imposing 15 m.p.h speed limits. Please keep to these as we don't want to upset the locals. For those of you who have not done this event before, there are one or two gates on the route. If there is a notice to keep a gate shut then please ensure you close it it as you will be riding over different landowners fields, and we don't want to be up all night chasing sheep back to the proper owners!


We casn't think of anything else at the moment other than to say we will see you all soon and have a great weekend in Shropshire. Any further questions please give Mark Well a call on 07890269210


Those wanting RTA cover for the 2 days please call Jim Teague 07917475837 prior to the event.