Beta Announce 2016 Evo Trials Bikes

With the announcement of the 2016 Beta Evo Trial bikes, the Beta R&D department has succeeded in improving a design which is in itself, has already been perfected - The EVO, a trial bike that has been the best seller for many years now has been improved once again. For the 2016 models, our Florentine engineers have focused their efforts on the engine, succeeding in the remarkable achievement of giving each of the engine sizes in the EVO range a distinctive personality, each one intended for a specific user.


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EVO 2T 250/300cc MY16


This is the pure-bred of the Evo range, the motorbike designed for experts as well as for the casual clubman rider. As always at Beta, development is never intended purely for power and performance but rather the aim is to always guarantee usability and rideability throughout the riding experience. "This is why we especially aimed to offer rounder and greater torque at low speeds, and thereby increase inertia and centering of the masses - declared Mr. Tozzi, engineer, of the R&D department - which, as we know, are crucial values for improving Trial riding performance".

To achieve this objective, the following changes have been implemented, and are common to both 300 and 250cc :

- The new engine crankpin is now more rigid thereby increasing inertia and centering of the masses to provide yet more balance.
- New connecting rod for improved inertia and rigidity.
- New silencer, internally redesigned for considerably greater torque at low to medium speeds as well as a more silent operation.

Changes to 300cc

- New combustion chamber, re-developed squish angle to improve response precision and engine output.

Changes to 250cc

- Completely redeveloped head thanks to a new design of the intake and exhaust ports for standard usability, making the bike one of the easiest to ride on the market.
- The combustion chamber is also new, with reduced squish height and geometry dedicated to the new ports and port timing.


EVO 2T 200cc MY16


Now based on the 250/300 engine, we can say that perhaps this is the model size that is no longer the step-brother of the larger EVO models. Prior EVO 200 models were based from a version of the 125cc, however for 2016 the engine now has its own personality thanks to numerous technical implementations, making it an interesting engine size for the evolved enthusiast.

- New crankcase derived directly from the 250/300cc engine (and no longer from the 125cc one, as in the past).
- New engine crankshaft with lighter dedicated flywheel. This has allowed a more correct distribution of the weights, with centered masses and improved inertia. The most striking result is considerable improvement in motorcycle handling.
- Even the connecting rod is new. Thanks to improved rigidity, vibrations are greatly reduced and riding is more enjoyable.
- New lighter piston
- Increased crankcase compression ratio.

EVO 2T 125cc MY16


This has always been the rookie engine size for young Beta riders - the one which allowed Marco Fioletti to win the World 2015 title - and this year it continues to grow in terms of performance. Notoriously lively and brilliant, today the quarter litre provides an improved feeling of power that is fun for both the younger generation as well as the more mature riders. All of this thanks to:

- Re-developed engine crankshaft for improved inertia.
- New connecting rod, shorter to increase compression in the crankcase and therefore achieve greater performance at low end.
- The porting of the cylinder has been redeveloped to match and exploit the improved torque


Changes common to all engine sizes in the EVO 2T (300, 250, 200 and 125cc) and EVO 4T (250 and 300cc) range. The Sachs single shock now features new valve settings to improve the rebound feel which has
allowed the shock to work better in junction with the front fork. As the sport has evolved, this improvement is directly aimed at improving the feel while the bike is being ridden on the rear wheel.


The new colours are trendy, making the white painted aluminium frame really pop, combined with the mix of white, black and fluorescent red plastic parts and graphics.



Unchanged from current.