Beta Launch MY2017 Evo

Evo 4T My 2017Beta presents the new 2017 Evo Trial model range, which represents a continued evolvement from the 2016 model, affirming its position as market leader in the industry, thereby repeating history for the Tuscan Manufacturer.


The engineers of the Tuscan manufacturer have carried out intensive development to the entire range and refined the Evo models from a technical and functional perspective that are more powerful, intuitive and yet still fun to ride. Highlighting the 2017 line up is no doubt the now-famous Evo engine, which for 2017 is available in 125/250/300 2T and 300 4T.


Even more big news is the introduction of the all-new 2-stroke Evo 300 SS, where “SS” stands for “Super Smooth”, this new Trial model offers riders a softer power delivery and while equally fun as the standard 300 model, it has been designed for those intimidated by the more powerful 300 models available. The Evo 300 SS is sure to grab the attention of riders across all continents.


All engines comply with the Euro 4 type-approval standard.


TC Edit: Further pics to follow when the bike is presented here in Italy later




Evo 2T

The engines remain the pride of the Evo model range, being easy to ride and offering amazing dependability as their two most distinctive features. Beta’s team of engineers continue to add many upgrades over last year’s model including:


Common features in all 2T engines


• New crankshaft seals: greatly reduce friction between the crankshaft and the oil seal.

• New ignition coil: The increased output from the new coil reduces emissions while also provides more stable carburetion which in turn improves throttle response thereby making it easier to ride and control the motorcycle.

• New control unit (CDI): This new dual spark system also improves carburetion while significantly improving the balance of the fuel delivery, which results in more linear power delivery while also providing more bottom end power.

• New voltage regulator: increases power output to the cooling fan allowing the engine to operate at a lower temperature.

• Optimised curve of spark advance: to further enhance the engine’s power delivery.

• New spark plug with iridium central electrode to improve performance.


125 cc.


• New generator (stator): even the ¼ litre benefits from the 12-pin generator with specific inertia. This allows for greater electric power available for the ignition and lighting systems, better engine throttle response in all RPM ranges, greater cooling fan efficiency at low rpm, improved handling thanks to the centralisation of the flywheel and better cooling capacity.

• New crankshaft: increased stroke from 54 mm to 54.5mm, resulting in increased displacement.

• New crankshaft: low-friction bearings which allow the engine to be more free and increase responsiveness.

• New silencer: the internals are totally revised with new packing that improves top end performance and power delivery in the lower and mid ranges all while reducing the exhaust noise.

250 cc.

• New exhaust and transfer ports: the new position of the cylinder ports allows for better engine operation throughout the power range.

• New combustion chamber: modified squish band and angle to make the engine more pleasant yet still retaining the proper power delivery throughout. This in junction with the large flywheel improves the overall balance of the bike.

• New silencer: increased sound-absorbing cylindrical mesh section and new felts with high sound-reduction value. The engine is quieter and more pleasant to ride.


300 cc.


• New cylinder: the sealing area has been revised to improve the tightness of the seal and increase durability.

Evo 300 SS 2T (Super Smooth) 

All New model for 2017 that provides a smoother and softer power delivery compared to the standard 2017 Evo 300. This new package was designed to provide an easy, intuitive engine but still efficient when the rider requires it to be. The “SS” version acquires all electronic and mechanical upgrades found in the standard Evo 300 but differs in the following components:

• New silencer: the internals are totally revised with new packing that improves top end performance and power delivery in the lower and mid ranges all while reducing the exhaust noise.

• New combustion chamber: with a lower compression ratio and layout dedicated to less competitive use. Allows for super smooth engine response at any rpm, including very slow sections creating an engine that is more precise, manageable and always under control.

• Flywheel with increased inertia: provides reduced power pulses and smooth power that is pleasant to ride without sacrificing the overall performance.

• Primary drive with additional inertia: together with the flywheel, it further smooths out the engine power.

• Long-stroke throttle: completes the package by providing a slower turn to eliminate abrupt throttle blips. This also helps in reducing the amount of clutch that is needed in the sections.




Updates to the chassis on all models are as follows:


• Updated hydraulic suspension settings: (fork and shock) a continued update straight from the Beta Factory team results in a smoother ride for the common rider.

• New design of front fork sliders: to reduce friction

• New license plate holder kit: includes integrated indicators: enables greater off-road practicality, thereby finally allowing the Trial to be used in full compliance with road circulation regulations.

• New rear brake pump: provides a more powerful yet progressive rear brake feel.

• New plastic tank cover: which makes the bike appear even more sleek and attractive.

• New switches: new location for ease of use and reduced damage in an impact.

• New front headlight mask: LED light and housing for the voltage regulator.

• New graphics.  


Bikes will be avaliable at the end of September/ early October. Prices to be confirmed.