Xispa Enter E-Bike Market

Their petrol mainstream bikes may not exactly have set the Trials world on fire, but you have to give credit to Xispa, the Girona-based Spanish outfit for their perseverance.

Announced today into the flourishing mini-electric bike market are both Xispa Trials and Endurocross models.

[img1] [img2]

The factory claim both models have been produced using the most advanced technology with an electric clutch, allowing for perfect traction with a greater control of the accelerator, two maps regulating power, and are fitted with the latest-generation 48V Lipo batteries allowing for the motorcycles to be recharged directly from a mains electric outlet with the bikes aimed at young riders between the ages of 3 and 7.

With groundbreakers OSET being followed by Mecatecno and now Xispa, the E-Bike market is an area that is certainly growing rapidly and will be interesting to follow as further advances are made in technology.


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