2012 Gas Gas Raga Replica

Hot on the tail of our scoop from France, Gas Gas have released official studio shots of the 2012 Raga Replica for the Gas Gas fans to drool over...


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The main change from last years Raga Replica is the introduction of the new 'Tech’ front fork. Gas Gas now works with five suspension manufactures across the range of Trials and Enduro bikes and likes to offer a good choice to their customers. The aluminium tubed Marzocchi’s are a superb fork and will continue to be used on standard Trials models. Adam tested the new 'Tech’ forks and loved how smooth and sensitive the 'action’ was which he prefers.
There is also a new front wheel spindle to match and reinforced red anodised fork clamps / yokes from last years Raga Rep.

The Raga model also has the multi-adjustable Reiger rear shock which can be adjusted '3 ways’. You can adjust the spring length (also different weight springs are available) and both the compression and rebound can be adjusted. This is simply the best rear shock fitted to any current production Trials bike.
The 'PRO Racing’ model also has a Reiger shock but only the spring and rebound can be adjusted '2 ways’.
The RAGA280 and RAGA300 come with a Keihin carburetor which smoothes out the bigger engines and also give a lot more top end power. The factory believes that the Keihin is not needed on the 'clubman friendly’ RAGA250.
There is also a slight change to the rear linkage dimensions which the Factory riders (Raga, Lampkin, Brown and Gubian) now use. This new linkage also has better protection from the rocks with a slight change to the frame underneath. The frame also has a stronger top shock mount.

The 2012 RAGA also sees a return to AJP brakes which are continuing under a new company / brand 'Braktec’. The Formula brakes which are fitted to standard 2012 Pro models and Pro Racing models are fine but some riders (including Adam) prefer the AJP feel. The Formula clutch master cylinder is more suited to a clubman rider because it makes the 'bite’ of the clutch slower. The top riders prefer the clutch more instant which the AJP master cylinder gives.
It’s good that the factory now work with two brake suppliers for their trials bikes plus Nissin for their Enduro bikes.

Usual Raga changes include the Gold magnesium crankcases and clutch case to match which look superb.
The BIG news on the engine is that after 10 years in production the Pro Raga engine now has a 'gear change selector shaft’ that can be changed without splitting the crankcases. So if you have an accident which damages the shaft, a quick change (and no cost labour bills) can now be done.

The new titanium front exhaust looks stunning which is made with a 'conical’ design which gradually steps from the smaller diameter leaving the motor to the larger diameter going into the middle exhaust. This slightly smoothes the power even more, but mainly looks stunning…as does the new design kickstart.

The GG Factory is obsessed with weight but the skinny, lightweight Iris chain is replaced with a much stronger Regina chain.

Quality components including Renthal fat-bars, Renthal grips and S3 aluminium footrests come standard on the Raga model.

The airbox and airbox lid now have even better sealing together with a quick release lid fixing. The airbox on the GG Pro is superb now but we’ve been asking for a better seal between the 'two halves’ and this is what they’ve done.

The look of the 2012 Raga is similar to last years with the black frame which looks stunning for a limited edition model. Yes GAS GAS is predominantly red but for a limited edition it has to different and this colour 'combo’ really does work on the RAGA! The white plastics, red anodized fork clamps and rear chain adjusters together with the cool new sticker design and black rims, this 2012 Raga really does stand out from the rest.


• TECH front forks (high spec with coated stanchions)
• REIGER rear shock with '3 way’ adjustment (spring, compression and rebound)
• KEIHIN carburetor (280 and 300)
• AJP/BRAKTEC brake calipers and front brake master cylinder
• AJP/BRAKTEC clutch master-cylinder
• RENTHAL fat-bars
• RENTHAL grips
• REGINA chain
• S3 aluminium footrests
• New Titanium front pipe in 'conical design’.
• Magnesium gold crankcases
• Magnesium gold clutch case
• New design kickstart
• New gear selector shaft with 'quick change’ design.
• New front wheel spindle and wheel bearings to suit.
• Black rims with GAS GAS logos
• Frame modified to help protect rear suspension linkage
• New design rear suspension linkage
• Stronger, Raga red anodised front forks clamps / yokes
• Raga red anodised rear wheel adjusters
• Better airbox and cover sealing.
• Quick release air-filter cover.
• Improved top shock mount.
• New fuel tank breather
• New 2012 RAGA stickers


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