Gas Gas Raga Replica Wins Award

gas gas raga rep award2On February 5th, the leading motorcycle web site in Spain,, held the third edition of the awards where they recognize the motorcycles chosen as best of the year. This year, for the third consecutive time, our Gas Gas TXT 300 Raga Replica received the award for best trial motorcycle, at a gala held in Madrid and attended by key industry representatives.


The latest edition of the contest has received more than 530,000 votes, 45% more than last year. Between May and December of 2012, web site users have been in charge of voting, and have chosen the winning motorcycles in each of the 12 categories.


For the Gas Gas Company, it is an honor to receive this award, as Awards have become a point of reference recognizing the best motorcycles among the models offered for sale throughout the year in the Spanish market and in turn, help boost the two-wheeled industry in Spain. It is a valuable prize because it gives the voting voice directly to the buyer, who has chosen the best model in each category through the web site: