2013 Beta Evo Factory Model

beta logoThe definition of an EVO Factory model means “Replica of the bikes that Beta Factory riders use to race in the national and international competitions at the highest level”. For 2013 the R & D department of the Tuscany House has worked hard to develop the all-new EVO 2T FACTORY editions.

The experience of the Factory Team and the use of after market parts have resulted in the creation of bikes with very high technical content, excellent riding dynamics and improved performance at the top level. The engine and frame have been developed in consideration of the new international regulations, which need a smooth, easy, and responsive riding. Available in 125cc, 250cc, and 300cc displacements, they are dedicated to not only expert riders who are looking for high performance but also will be appreciated by hobby riders who want an exclusive trial motorcycle with unique features.


2013 beta evo factory


  • Available in 125cc and 250cc displacements in addition to the 300cc, all engines receive special treatment in both performance and details.

  • Magnesium crankcases offer around 1,5 kg. (3.3 lbs.) of weight savings improving the agility of the bike and consequently the rider feeling.

  • Clutch* characterized by
  1. New transmission internal ratios for a better transfer of the torque.
  2. Reduced preload of the springs for an easier pull action and better control of the engagement.
  3. Clutch disks with different machining to ensure a more accurate engagement and very stable performance.

  • Intake and exhaust timing modified to increase low RPM torque and make the bike easier and lighter in the speedy riding *

  • Larger diameter crankshaft to increase the inertia without increasing weight*.

  • Crankshaft connecting pin with increased diameter, for greater rigidity and to reduce vibration *

    • Red silicone cooling hoses not only improve the look, they also provide better heat dissipation thanks to the technical characteristics of silicone.

  • Titanium exhaust manifold, with a new shape that allows a greater fluidity at low rpm, a very linear torque curve, an increase in performance at high RPM in addition to weight reduction of about 500 grams *.

  • New kickstarter ratio, to reduce stress on the starter lever*

  • 10-42 final ratio to match the new clutch ratio*  

  • Black crankcase covers for a Racing look.




  • Triple clamp, CNC machined from billet aluminum, black anodized. In addition to weight reduction and improved look, you can choose between eight different positions of the handlebar in order to adapt the bike to your riding style.
  • Front fork characterized by:
  1. SKF fork seals for a smoother action, reduced friction, and new setting for a better feeling with the front end.
  2. Rebound setting is now managed by a knob for easy adjustment without tool.
  3. Lightened preload cap
  4. Lightened internal hydraulic cartridge

  • New rear suspension link for a different progression of the system. Soft and sensitive in the first part of the travel that offers improved grip and better absorption. At the end of the travel it reduces bottoming-out making it easier to overcome the most challenging obstacles *

  • Completely renovated rear shock absorber. It holds a larger volume of oil, with greater length and new modified piston geometry (exclusive to Betamotor). This provides even more stability and perfectly matches the new rear suspension link*    

  • New Factory wave brake discs: heat dissipation is improved with obvious advantages in terms of stability of braking performance

  • X-Light tires. The result of many years of cooperation with our technical partner Michelin. These new tires ensure a saving of about 500 grams. Another key point that reduces the weight and helps to improve the overall handling of the bike.

  • Gold plated rims, a precious touch to make the EVO a unique motorcycle.

  • Additional parts are red anodized aluminium to provide a stunning one-of-a-kind look. Brake master cylinder covers, oil cap, brake/clutch lever adjusters, chain tensioners and handlebar end caps.

  • Anodized billet aluminum footpegs. Light, strong and with a higher level of grip.

  • A new factory graphics kit for the bike’s body, frame, and wheels to replicate the official team bikes racing in the World Championship.


* = Only for 300cc version


Arriving at the end of March only through Beta official dealers and importers, it will be assembled in limited edition and it will boast a special price considering the quality of equipment.

Retail prices.

125cc    £5495.00

250cc    £5595.00

300cc    £5595.00