2014 Sherco Factory Racing Announced

sherco factory sub True to its history of offering the highest quality motorcycles, Sherco has taken another step forward in the evolution of their Trial range with the launch of the spectacular new Sherco Factory Racing Model. It is an evolution of the ST2014 model that incorporates exclusive elements that make it unique and give it a commanding appearance.


The new Sherco Factory Racing Model is the direct legacy of the bike that allowed Albert Cabestany to be crowned World X -trial runner-up. The bike incorporates very competitive and high performance components, the new Sherco is a bike that is ready to for all of the competitive challenges that face even the very best elite riders. The R & D and design teams have created a very unique Sherco bike, a limited numbered series.




Both the exterior and interior of the new Sherco have received significant changes, the exterior appearance is highly visible. The new decor is quite dynamic and incorporates the addition of bright, bold colors that are very stunning and denote its unique character. The new décor also highlights a totally unique and different bike that says it is designed for outstanding performance. The bike incorporates exclusive components that are designed for use in demanding competitions.



The Sherco Factory Model is a powerful and robust 300 cc engine that has had a long successful career. The engine incorporates a new machined cylinder head with a removable breech. It is also equipped with a lightweight gear set and a reinforced clutch. A new titanium exhaust system provides outstanding engine performance at all speeds. To get the best performance out of the power unit, the bike is equipped with a newly developed CDI engine management system.



The list of unique features of the new bike in the chassis section are numerous, including the new Tech fork with DLC aluminum finish, Ohlins rear shock, Galfer brake discs, recessed rear rim, Cabestany white handlebars, aluminum chain tensioner, new handlebar mounting clamps, rear sprocket protector, new rear brake and shift levers, all of the nuts and bolts are finished in nickel zinc and there is a new engine skid plate specially designed to overcome obstacles more effectively.



The new decor is a statement of intent and shows at a glance that this is a special Sherco. The chassis is the same bright blue that is used on the enduro models. The plastic elements, combine black and white with accents in blue and fluorescent yellow, and also include spectacular factory signage at key points such as the fork, the rear fender and the wheels. The legacy of Albert Cabestany is also reflected in this new motorcycle, in addition to the many technical details that are the direct legacy of the official Sherco rider, his name occupies a privileged place on the filter cover.

Special Parts Sherco Factory Racing


- 300 cc Engine displacement - long successful career

- Reduced weight

- Machined cylinder head with removable breech

- Clutch Surflex-R

- Titanium exhaust

- Motor Skidplate

- Ohlins shock

- Tech front suspension with DLC aluminum finish

- Handlebar mounting clamps

- Galfer brake discs

- Machined calipers

- Aluminum chain tensioner

- Crown Protector

- Handlebar - white Cabestany

- Recessed rear rim

- Tires Michelin X-lite

- New rear axle eccentric design

- Exclusive design