More On Upcoming Gas Gas Offering

The Gas Gas Factory have released further details and a lot more images of their upcoming offering as they return to business under the ownership of Torrot. Curiously, this has been branded as a 2017 bike. Further details on specs below the gallery.





MICHELIN X11 tyres ensure greater stability.
Black anodized rims with GAS GAS logos.
Machined racing rear rim.
TECH front suspension, lower legs anodized with natural finish, upper tubes in aluminum in olive-green, ensuring greater surface hardness, reducing friction and extended life. !
New anti-friction dust wipers for less drag upon the fork leg.
Shock absorber REIGER 2V with bottom oil reservoir combined with the link 1.
Incorporates a new water-pump mechanical seal , ensuring a tighter seal and longer life.
Hidria dual-spark ignition system (HIDRIA DS).
Front exhaust pipe in TITANIUM (8 segments).
Electrical wiring system in two parts (ignition and loom) can be unplugged from the engine.
New GN brake discs ensure powerful and accurate braking.
Routing of the rear brake hose on the outside of the swingarm facilitates ease of maintenance, ensures a perfect bleed, and is a hydraulic hose specific for this application.!
The rear brake caliper is part of the auto-stand system which facilites ease of removal and installation of the rear Wheel.
Front brake and clutch: New piston design ensures better sealing under pressure to offer more direct contact of both the clutch and the front brake, improved ergonomics of the lever action, baffle and seal cups from new tooling. Manufacturing process is 100% automated for quality assurance.
Latest evolution of the front brake caliper and brake pads which prevent temperature deformation.
REGINA chain.
Rear sprocket built to FIM regulations, black anodized with polished silhouettes and details.
Chassis in 25CrMo4 for an extra degree of rigidity that improves stability.
Ergonomic handlebar used by the racing team.
“Man overboard" kill-button system.
Radiator fan motor SPAL ORDOÑEZ.