Honda Montesa Release 2017 Models

Honda Montesa have revealed their new models for 2017 with the bikes, since their inception in 2014 receiving improvements year after year. The new 260 will be released first and will make its debut in Andorra in the paddock of the 2 Trial Dies d'Encamp next weekend with availability from early September.


Leaving the traditional red as the main color the 4RT260 Cota has moved to an elegant white finish, combined with details in blue and red and the aluminium fuel tank adds to the sportiness. Cosmetic changes are also noticed in the TECH fork, where the bar is now chrome and the black bottle.


Meanwhile, the Race Replica also receives some changes, with the famous 'M' logo of Montesa now located on the rear fender to give more presence, but basically still maintaining the aesthetics of the bikes ridden by Repsol Honda Team world champion, Toni Bou along with Takahisa Fujinami and Jaime Busto.


In addition to cosmetic changes, both models now have a longer kickstart which facilitates further the starting of the bike with a single kick.


Engine-wise, the bikes still rely on the 260cc 4-stroke engine from last season, which benefited from a remarkable increase in power thanks to the adoption of a new fuel pump that provides flow of gasoline. This factor, together with the mapping of the ECU, offers a full engine power curve, especially at low and medium engine speeds. Another highly significant aspect is the clear reduction of the engine brake already incorporated in the previous models, a feature of the 4-stroke thrusters was intelligently resolved by Honda engineers with decompression system crankcase gases. Through this system cutting fuel the engine only provides a minimum engine braking effect, causing the motorcycle to feel much lighter and controllable.


The Race Replica model maintains the prestigious set of front and rear SHOWA suspension that continue to be a benchmark in Trial. In the case of 4RT260 Cota, it carries a high level suspension set, but at a lesser cost. The front suspension is provided by TECH, whilst the rear relies on a multi-adjustable damper R16V, a set of highly effective suspensions resulting in a greater sense of lightness.