2017 Shercos Hit The Streets

Sherco UK Importers, Malcolm Rathmell Sport, are pleased to announce the arrival of the first batch of the 2017 Sherco in the 250 and 300 models with the 125 arriving in September.  Once again Sherco have been burning the midnight oil at the R & D Department and the biggest change on the 2017 bike is the new diaphragm clutch which has been in development for three years.  As this is a unique design for Sherco they have also taken the step of obtaining a  patent on the design.  This new system  gives a very smooth, progressive engagement  developed to eliminate any drag on the clutch with an overall more efficient feel for the rider.



The other big change is the Dual Ignition System which certainly makes a big improvement to the power delivery of the bike.  It gives a cleaner, smoother ride with less sensitivity to the carburettor settings in different weather conditions and a better, stronger feel at the bottom end.


There is a new front brake master cylinder which gives a positive feel to the brake, very neat lock stops which are integrated into the frame and a new lower chain frame guard along with many other small improvements to bring the overall bike very up to date in a demanding market. As the first manufacturer to use them Sherco continue with the superb Tech front forks which are well known now being the best out there.   As with all the Sherco range from trials to enduro the overall finish of the bike is of a very high standard and the subtle changes to the stickers make it very distinguishable as a new model.


Contact your nearest dealer for more details.