Gas Gas Unveil TXT GP At Milan Show

Gas Gas unveiled its new limited edition TXT GP Trial model at this week's Milan Show...


It is only within the capabilities of the greatest craftsman to fashion the finest weapons for the fiercest fighters. This season Gas Gas is back in the top division of international trial with wins in the Trial125 and Trial2 world championships. And we are celebrating our triumphant return with a limited series, built in the image of our world class bikes: the new Gas Gas TXT GP. A high performance machine with competition components for trial’s benchmark model for the last two decades; the bike that has made trial history.


The new Gas Gas TXT GP has even more low and medium end response from its powerful engine thanks to the fitting of BOYESEN carbon reed valves and HIDRIA dual spark ignition, directly handed down from the priceless experience of the race competition department. Similarly it has also implemented a new cylinder head system with interchangeable internal heads so that the carburetion can be adapted for different altitudes, assuring the maximum performance from your engine whatever the atmospheric pressure conditions. And for the same reason, Gas Gas has made a range of two stages of increase in compression and one of reduction in compression for each cylinder capacity.


Both the air filter housing and exhaust protector, made from carbon fibre add to the details of a bike with a stunning thoroughbred racing image. This is a limited series, stylish with its S3 Hard Rock footpegs, GECO bashplate and the same RENTHAL kit (grips, foam protector and handlebar) as their official racing bike parts. This is a special edition recognisable at first glance, spectacular with its red silicon reinforced hoses.


Its competitive spirit is even more obvious if we take a look at the long list of racing items used by our competition riders, such as the suspension. The new Gas Gas TXT GP has TECH front forks and aREIGER rear monoshock, both fitted with the adjustment system used by the official team, giving this bike a stability and traction which is out of the ordinary.


True to its philosophy of compliance with FIM regulations, the new Gas Gas bike has a man overboard safety system to shut down the engine in case of a fall – and a regulation rear disc... Ready to race!


And to commemorate this special edition, all units of the new Gas Gas  TXT GP will have a plate, etched with laser and specially numbered as a sign of distinction for the GP limited edition.





  •       Carbon fibre exhaust protector
  •       Carbon fibre air filter housing
  •       Numbered special edition commemorative plate
  •       RENTHAL grips, handlebar and protector
  •       TECH front fork with race adjusters
  •       Cylinder head with interchangeable internal heads
  •       Red silicon reinforced hoses
  •       HIDRIA double spark ignition CDI
  •       GECO bashplate
  •       BOYESEN carbon reeds
  •       S3 Hard Rock aluminium pegs
  •       Rear disc (FIM regulations)
  •       Ultra low weight wheels
  •       REIGER three way monoshock
  •       Exclusive decoration TXT GP