Bolton Motorcycle Club

Last Saturday saw round 6 of the Popular BoltonGrimehills series. Nearly 40 riders took on four laps of 8 sections. This Saturday's trial was a real treat; the previous day's rain ensured the return of nice slipy muddy conditions.

The course was set out to test rider's ability to ride up and down the various streams, gullies and hillside. The riders, observers & spectators enjoyed a good dose of British weather from each season... it was hot & sunny, then cold & windy and even amonsoon of rain fell for about 15 minutes!


The Grimehill's series is set out by Bolton Motorcycle Club to attract riders of all abilities and age. There is something for everyone from absolute beginner to Expert riders who often come for an afternoon of fun in an attempt to clean the trial, a feat not yet achieved!


The ever popular Middle Route saw a tough head to head battle right to the end by Simon Heys (Armstrong) and Graham Fallows (Fantic), both ended the day on 15 points.


Becoming a regular good entry of young youth riders on the Easy Route, once again it was won byNathan Walton (GasGas 80) who ends on 16 points. I'm sure we'll see Nathan moving up a class next season.


On the hard route, the ride of the day goes to young local lad Luke Potter who won the hard route on 12 points ahead of runner up Chris Cooke on 21 points.


A special mention to Geoff Potts who rode the hardroute on his Suzuki twin shock, finished on 51 points, what a respectable ride on an old machine!


Easy Route:


Barry Doran (Yamaha) ​15

Ron Cullen (Beta)​​15

Paul Whittaker (Fantic)​15


Youth Easy Route:

Nathan Walton (GasGas)​16

Josh Chew (Beta)​20

Matt Blackburn (Beta)​38


50/50 (Easy/Middle) Route:

Rod Wood (Montesa)​27

Mick Sharples (GasGas)​31

Reece Clark (Beta)​53​


Youth Middle Route:

Stephen Hoyland (Sherco)​43

Matthew Swift (Beta)​47

George Prichard (Scorpa)​59

Clubman Middle Route:

Simon Heyes (Armstrong)​15

Graham Fallows (Fantic)​15

Tim Jones (Scorpa)​22


Hard Route:

Luke Potter (GasGas)​12

Chris Cooke (Gasgas)​21

Johnny Cooke (Gasgas)​24