RRND MC October Club Trial

reigate north downsRob Edwards and his team, Alan Stanley, Rob McKenzie and Ben & Luke Edwards set out 10 sections at this popular venue.


Sections 1, 2 & 3 were on part of the stream which we haven't used for some time. Section 1 caused problems for some blue route riders taking 5s off 4 of them on the first lap with Alan Stanley, Antony Read and John Mitchell all clean. Marks were also lost by the red route riders with only James Dark clean on the first lap.


Sections 2, 3 and 4 were the bogey sections for those on the yellow route. The other sections were a mix of drops in and climbs out of the stream.


Most of the sections improved as the day went on with Rob McKenzie only dropping 1 dab on the last lap on the blue route. Jess Fry was clean on lap 3 on the red route but dropped 1 on the fourth lap for a total of 9 marks, closely followed by Ben Edwards (13) and James Dark (15). Rob McKenzie topped the blue route from Antony Read with 18 and 24 respectively.


A tie on the yellow route between Mike Hammond and Simon Canacott both on 56 (MIke furthest clean). Rachel Measures was close behind with 58.


Thanks again to Rob Edwards and team for setting out 10 really nice sections and to all those who helped clearing up at the finish.


Just a quick reminder, can people willing to take down please put their names on the board at signing on as I was sweating a bit thinking I was doing it all myself!


Thanks again for a great day out. Next RRND Club trial is at Reel Hall Farm, Shamley Green on 24 November 2013 11am start. Details on our website www.rrnd.co.uk


Colin Don