RRND Winterval Club Trial

reigate north downsLaying out for this event was done by Pete Jenkins and his team consisting of Alan Stanley, Dave Cutler, Dave Charman and Eric Clarke - good to see Eric out at Club events again. The team laid out the normal 8 sections to be ridden 5 times making full use of the stream and banks. The weather was kind with a bright frosty start to the day if a bit chilly at first but warmer later.


Was it the promise of mince pies and hot drinks that encouraged riders to come as it was a good entry of 51 riders for the last Club trial of the year.


Section 1 - Eric had the whites straight at it, with a leap across the stream at the start of the section then into the stream and up the big bank. Alan was a little kinder for the blues with a more gentle crossing of the stream with a slippery tight turn on the bank then back into the stream to finish. The red route set out by Dave Cutler and yellows by Pete had a nice easy route to the finish in the stream. Scott dark dropped 1 here on the first lap which was the only mark lost by any of the experts. Joe Beard on blues had a 5 but improved on later laps.


Section 2 - Scott made up for his slack start at section 1 by cleaning section 2 with Simon Mepham and Stuart Read both losing 2 here. Eric Clarke on his Fantic cleaned the inter route with Chris Dark losing 3. On the blues this section was costing some riders the odd 1 or 2 marks but got better as the day went on.
Cleans from Jack Brazier (U16) and Keith Cross on the reds on lap 1 with Jack clean here all day. Jack Coyne was clean on lap 1. This section got harder for yellows as the day went on as the score sheets show with Jack losing a total of 10 here.


Section 3 - After a good first lap only losing 1, Scott Dark failed to improve and lost 10 overall here. This was the bogey section for the inters taking marks off riders all day. On the blues scores improved as the day went on, with several riders clean here all day. Antony Read had a rare 5 on lap 3.

Section 4 - Good rides from nearly all the red riders with most going clean at this section. Trevor Howell was clean here all day on what may be his final red route ride at Club level as he says he is going to ride the blue route for 2014 - good for me as someone may have a bigger score than I get normally!


Section 5 - This section saw the blues enter the stream then exit up a bank with lots of roots to enter the stream and finish up a short bank to the end cards. The roots caused many riders problems on this section taking marks off all but the better riders as they exited the stream. On lap 5 I thought I had finally cracked it cleaning the roots only to lose 3 marks on the route to the end! James Dark was one of 3 riders to clean this section on lap 1, which for the reds got easier as the day progressed. Nice clean on the yellows from Simon Canacott before having to retire with a knee problem. Mark Alway on his trusty Yamaha also retired with a broken kick start.


Section 6 - Stephen Farrall riding the reds had a rare mistake and had a dab here on lap 1, which turned out to be his only dab of the day! Maybe blue route next time Stephen? Craig Coppard had a dab here losing 1 of a total all day of 6. This section had riders dropping into the stream down a very steep bank for blue and white then exiting up the far bank having turned and re-crossed the stream the finish was up the far side with a turn just before it.


Section 7 - Simon Mepham and Stuart Read finally cleaned this section, having lost marks all day, on the last lap. Ben Edwards on reds clean here on lap 1 but couldn't repeat this on the subsequent laps. Adam Manthorpe on his Beta 80 had a good ride on lap 4 and cleaned this section on the red route which, judging by the scores got harder as the day went on. Michael Hyden riding the inters was clean here all day. There was lots of deep water and really slippery mud on this section with a slot forming towards the end cards.


Section 8 - This was a little easier for all routes with most riders cleaning this section. Mark Stubberfield on his Sherco had a 5 here on lap 3. Toby Robinson was clean all day.

A really nice trial with great sections and I hope an enjoyable day for all. Nice to see Eric out again and losing only 20 marks on the inter route. It was also nice to see Malcolm and Dick Coles. Unfortunately they had bike issues and had to share the riding. I hope you get the tyre sorted soon!


Thanks again to the laying out team and a big thanks to hose who helped clear up the sections at the end.


The mince pies, cake and drinks laid on by Carol and Grace Dark were much appreciated by all - thanks ladies.


Full results are available on the website - www.rrnd.co.uk


The next Club trial is at Beare Gill, Ockley on the 26th January. Happy New Year and feet up!


Colin Don


Best on the day were as follows:


Experts - Stuart Read - 23, Simon Mepham - 28

Inters - Eric Clarke - 20, Chris Dark - 40
Novice Blue - Craig Coppard - 6, Pat Lloyd-Jacob - 12
Over 40s Blue - Stephen Farrall - 1, Graham Manthorpe - 17
Red - Grace Dark - 18, Trevor Howell - 19
Red U16 - Jack Brazier - 12, James Dark - 31
Yellow - Jack Coyne - 47.