2014 North East Centre ACU Trials Champiomship



The 2014 North East Centre ACU Trials Championship starts on Sunday 26th January at Butsfield Quarry in County Durham, and this year the centre is putting up awards for a number of extra classes.


The first trial is being run by the Seaton Delaval Motor Club, with the venue supplied by the Consett Club and starts at 11.00am.


This in an opportunity for riders of all levels and on various machinery to compete for their own championship, over a total of twelve rounds held throughout the year, and clubs have agreed that courses, particularly the Easy Route, will be marked to suit all classes of machine and rider ability.


After Sunday, the next two rounds will be the Castleside event on the 2nd of February at Rogerley Quarry then the Stanley event on 23 February.


The Championship format is defined below:


North Eastern Centre ACU  Centre Trials Championship 2014


This year’s Centre Trials Championship is to be run over 12  rounds, it will be open for all classes and all rounds will count for the Championship.


Clubs and organisers will only supply 3 courses  Hard, Middle & Easy


Hard course for Experts & Intermediates

Middle course for Novice,Youth A & B

Easy course for Easy Riders, Pre 65, Twinshocks, Youth C & D


Any rider who finishes an event shall be eligible for Championship points.


Championship points will be awarded to the top 15 eligible finishers in each class at each round on the following scale:


Championship Points:

1st  20 points   6th  10 points   11th  5 points
2nd  17 points   7th   9 points   12th  4 points
3rd  15 points   8th   8 points   13th  3 points
4th  13 points   9th   7 points   14th  2 points
5th  12 points   10th  6 points   15th  1 point


Should a Tie occur It is to be resolved in accordance with TSR(a)


Riders who score points in one championship class shall not be eligible for points in another championship class.