Banovallum Mcc Trial

In very nasty cold ,windy & rain conditions at South Ormsby quarry,James Fry takes the narrow win on his MRS Sherco by just one point from Emma Bristow also MRS Sherco.

On the middle route Rob Mac had a great ride to take the win over the brothers Chris & David Traves.

The white route saw John Hamblin part with just one dab to easily take the win over Neil Tapper.

A MASSIVE THANK YOU to the heroes of the day - the OBSERVERS, without whom we wouldn't be able to hold the trial:

Jayne Frith, Dave Frith, Ali Frith, Mike Evans, Dean Cox, Alex Baker, Steve Marwood and Phil Bradley.

Our next trial is on 2nd March 2014 at North Ormsby, LN11 0TJ, hope to have better weather and see you there.