Olly Makes Good At Loughborough Trial

Sunday 6th April had the Loughborough Trials club out using its newly reopened venue of "Scalford 2" in Leicestershire for only the second time in 20 years.

Ten challenging but ride able sections greeted 40+ riders who signed on with as always a "Clubman" feel to the event with over half the entry on the middle route.

Only two riders each on the Hard and 50/50 routes does bring into question the long term viability of putting on the harder sections but Patrick Wardle (hard) and Martyn Snutch (50/50) both enjoyed their day out and full haul of championship points.
On the well supported middle route Olly Wareing showed the way on his trick T/S Fantic with just 10 marks lost, well ahead of second placed Tim Gent who was best of the next 6 who were separated by one mark each. There were two sections that really showed class on this route, a muddy entry followed by tight turns on section 5 being observed by Howard Jones, and the loose climbs of section 8 where still injured Hannah Kirtley-Paine observed.

The easy route turned out to be a bit stiffer test than the section plotters imagined but most riders found it to be a good day out with only a few who's scores looked more like cricket than trials! Well done to everyone who stuck with it to the end. Shane Harvey was victor from Gary Hall with Alan Jones in third, all separated by 3 marks a place.

Another enjoyable day at this great new venue, the club now moves on to its next event at the popular Rileys Railway venue near Tilton on the Hill in Leicestershire on 4th May and looks forward to a few more hard or 50/50 riders to make the efforts of the section plotters worthwhile.