Yorkshire Classic Pre-Unit Championship Round 1 - Keighley Gate - 25 Jan 15

yorkshire classic mccWhen the 1st round of the Pre-unit Club championship was marked out snow lay heavy on the banks of Bradup Beck. But the temperature rose overnight to a balmy 7 deg C and the snow all but disappeared. The banking down to section 3 caused major problems as riders slipped down the 'Black Run' to the stream below as the moguls disappeared. Those in the know found alternative routes avoiding the dreaded drop but there were only 2 retirements so the majority went home happy. With a good entry of 57 riders, some queuing was to be expected with the lengthy sections 6 and 9 causing most of the problems.


The early sections caused few problems although Pre Unit Springer winner Paul Jackson on his home built Jackson Velo lost his only dab on the narrow gully of section 2. The offset flags of section 3 took fives from the unwary and lots of single dabs were extracted in the stream sections. This proved just right to separate the Pre Units , Twins and Vintage two strokes in the competitive classes without a single tie break being needed.

Graham 'Plant' Wilkinson revved his tuneful triumph twin round for the loss of one mark ahead of a rejuvenated Malcolm Cocking.

In the PU rigid class John Feather took the honours losing half the marks of course setter Gary Marshall.

The narrow rut downhill entry to section 9 looked evil on lap one but it hit a stony base making it rideable on subsequent laps. Best of the non competitive riders John Maxfield was lucky to escape penalty when he dabbed on the slippery rocks and it was good to see Hedley Cockshot on his latest Cub losing only a single mark.

At the end of the day the standard was spot on for a Pre Unit event and the Duchess of Granby welcomed those seeking refreshment after the event at the Marquis of Granby.