2015 Nostalgia Trial Update

The ever popular Nostalgia Trial organised by Cumbria Classic MCC takes place once again at Middleton Farm near Sedbergh on SATURDAY, August 22 where there are classes for Rigids, Pre Unit Springers, Two Strokes, Unit Constructionss, British Specials, Twin-shocks and Twin Cylinders.


Entries have been available from The Cumbria Classic MCC website for some weeks now and they can also be downloaded from the calendar date on this website. Entry fee is £20 for two laps of 20 sections over a single route course with all the usual facilities available at the trial. This event has been running for a good many years now and is one of the most popular classic trials you'll find.


In addition, there's an identical trial the following day organised by Lancs County MCC at Brookhouse Brickworks for all the same classes over a single route, the date being SUNDAY, August 23rd. Brookhouse is just 14 miles from the Nostalgia venue so it's a great opportunity to get two very good trials in on the same weekend. regulations for both events can be found under the calendar dates.


Both trials require entries in advance with the closing dates about a week before each trial. Mike Rapley is the secretary for both events so you can even send the entries off to him in the same envelope as long as there are two separate cheques, one for each club.