Manchester 17 MCC Dead Easy Trial Harrat Grange

manchester17A double header of trials was the order of the day for the stalwarts of Manchester 17 MCC last weekend. The popular Hipwell road trial was preceded the day before by one of the regular Dead Easy Trials. Both trials were in the same vicinity, the picturesque area around Peak Forest in superb countryside south of Buxton.


Fifty riders turned out on the Saturday afternoon to tackle the Dead Easy over a four lap ten section course comprising of grassy banks and limestone rocks. The rain poured down in the morning when the sections were set out and again just before the start but it held off for the trial itself. This did affect the sections as some got greasier as the trial wore on although the more experienced riders seemed to revel in the challenges such conditions presented. As expected with a Dead easy it was a relatively low scoring event. Three riders went clean on the Easy route, Phil Granby, Edwin Wooliscroft and Alan Critchlow, on machines as varied as Phil’s very tasty Fantic, Edwin’s modern Beta, and Alan’s 1956 James. Just shows it is all about the rider not the bike!


Young Louis Brocklehurst was annoyed with himself, losing a five on the penultimate section on the last lap, his only loss for the trial. He did beat his Mum though who had a good ride in the conditions to lose eleven. Not too many Mums and sons riding together, how good is that! Four clean rides on the Hard route were Paul Baddeley, Will Tyler, Robert Mycock and Oliver Jenkins.


The next few riders home on this route lost their marks mainly on the last section, which was a turn into a rutted, steep narrow track climbing up to the top of the bank, before a turn and drop down.


Four sections were located in an old quarry at the far end of the course, some of which included some rock steps to tackle, not usually a feature in the Dead Easy trials, but they didn’t appear to cause too many problems. Because of the threat of rain people cracked on and after a final pit stop at John Dale’s excellent butty van were soon on their way home.


Thank you to all the Observers for giving their time, and to the riders for your support.


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