Lincoln MC & CC Class Overhaul

Lincoln MC & CC are back in action on Sunday 25th February at Cockthorn Farm Scotton. 10.30am. The new system in place for this year will be very easy to understand, it has been used for many years by the East Yorks Centre.


This is how it works:


Hard Route ( Red & Blue flags)
Expert and Intermediate Riders
Youth A Ride this route


Middle Route. ( Yellow Flags)
This route is now known as Clubman A. If you ride this route as an adult, your class is Clubman A.
Youth B Ride this route.


White route. ( White flags)
This route is now known as Clubman B. If you are an adult and ride this route your class is Clubman B.
Youth C ride this route.


And finally

Dead Easy Route (Pink flags)
For Adults this is the fun route
Youth D ride this Route.


This Trial clashes with The 1st round of the S3 Parts Championship, all our top hard route riders will be away, so we will be backing off the severity of the hard route a little. So if you have been fancying a go at the Top level, this may be the time to try.


Full Event details can be found at