Pegasus MC & LCC Directors Shield Trial

Pegasus MC & LCC held the annual Directors Shield Trial at Stainby over 5 laps of 9 sections. Heavy rain in the previous 24 hours made the clay surface on a couple of the early sections extremely testing but Mike Evans took his Sherco around for a total of 17 to take the main award. Mike took quite a heavy fall down a badger hole whilst walking section 7 but didnt let this affect his riding. Runner up was best Intermediate rider Paul Marwood on 33. Daniel Billam put in a great ride to take the 50/50 route win with just 6 marks dropped.


Mick Thurman was another to drop only 6 marks and this was good enough to top the Middle Route on his Montesa. He was followed by top Over 40 rider Steve Marwood who also found the conditions to his liking. Only 4 marks split the next 4 riders, best Novice Callum Hedison , Andy Butt, Daniel Ledger and Mark Awcock.


Local Fun Class riders topped the White Route with Tony Bilton on 15 beating riding partner Michael Smalley by just 3 marks. One of the best rides of the day was put in by young James Llewellyn who completed the course for just 19 marks on his Beta to become best Youth Beginner. Top Adult Beginners on 23 were Simon Brodley and Adam Billam. Both had 35 cleans but Simon got the decision on furthest clean.