East Midlands Centre Trials Championship

loughboroughLoughborough Trials Club is running a round of the EMC championship on 18th November at the excellent Rileys Railway venue near Marefield, Tilton on the Hill Leicestershire.

The club is keen to make sure all its regular riders get the type of sections they expect so is wants to point out that sections will be no harder than normal but to make this event different 3 laps of 15 sections will be the format.

While there are set championship classes the club will also be running 50/50 and fun routes to make sure there is something for everybody.

As it is a Championship round and adrenaline can flow, the club would like to remind riders that the observers are volunteers who stand out in all conditions for you to enjoy your sport. Unless you are prepared to make a formal complaint in line with ACU procedures the word of the observer is final and abuse of any sort towards these vital band of helpers will not be tolerated

Please turn out in force to show that the Championship rounds are not just for an elite few at the top of the sport but for everyone who enjoys a day out on their bike.