Yorkshire Classic MCC Final Pre-Unit Round 10

yorkshire classic mccGoing into this final round of the Pre-Unit club championship, the Blue Riband Pre-Unit Springer class was finely balanced with any one of three Ariel riders able to take top spot. Dave ‘Stav’ Ingram was in pole position 3 points ahead of Johnny Cooke but with 7 rounds of the 10 to count, Mick Clarke could top the lot with a win, having only competed in 6 rounds so far to his rivals 8.

Spoiler Danger

In a low scoring event, the big danger would be if other 14 pre-unit riders came between them and so it was, with Ingram and taking top spot on the older rider tiebreak, with Clarke pushed back to 4th by occasional riders Mark Feather (Ariel) and Peter Clibburn (Ariel) that Dave Ingram took the title. Only 1 point separated 1st from 4thon the day. Johnny Cooke was unable to keep with the pace but still retained 2nd in the Championship with his consistent riding during the year.

The pre-unit rigid class saw Ike Myers AJS take first place ahead of John Feather’s Enfield to spoil John’s 100% run of victories and put a small dent in his massive Championship tally.

Dave White had already secured the Triumph Twin Championship but John Patefield was able to close the gap with his unopposed ride.


Pre-Unit Springers
Dave Ingram (Ariel) 1, Mark Feather (Ariel) 1, Peter Clibburn (Ariel) 2, Mick Clarke (Ariel) 2.
Pre-Unit Rigids over 350
Ike Myers (AJS) 10, John Feather (Royal Enfeild) 13.
John Patefield (Triumph twin) 15.
Vintage Two Stroke – rigid
Eric Atkinson (Ambassador) 65
Non Competitive just for fun
Steve Thomas (Bantam) 0, Tony Calvert (Cub) 1, Barry Fieldhouse (Bantam) 5, Alan Mills (Bantam) 6,  Bob Baker (Cub) 7,

2017 Pre Unit Championship Final positions ( Best 7 rides to score)

Class A Pre-Unit Springer
Dave Ingram (Ariel) 121
Johnny Cooke (Ariel) 113
Mick Clarke (Ariel) 111
Class B Pre-Unit rigid
John Feather Ariel 140
Ike Myers (AJS) 54
Tim Pawson (Norton) 32
Class G Twins
Dave White (Triumph) 126
John Patefeild (Triumph) 118
Malc Cocking (Triumph) 75
Class L Vintage Two Strokes - Rigid
Eric Atkinson (Ambassador) 102
Class M Vintage Two Strokes - Springer
Neil Anderton (James) 81