Westmorland MC Bultaco Revival Trial

The highly popular Westmorland MC Bultaco Revival Trial will be back on 15th June with normal type sections plus an easier route on some sections for those who wish to ride an easier route

A new idea for 2019 is the VIP ride, we want everybody to have an enjoyable day so you can enter as a VIP. That will allow you to ride the full trial if you wish, ride half the trial or pick and choose sections you wish to ride along the route.
Basically we want everyone to enjoy the day, could be that you’ve haven’t ridden for a few years, or have a show piece that you want to ride but not feel the pressure of riding all the sections as you don’t wish to mark the bike too much.

You choose if you wish to have you punch card marked, the results are private to you, don’t hand the card in, keep it and compare note with you friends. It’s a new idea that may appeal. You’re a VIP because you’re here doing what you love doing. The other alternative is to ride the easier route as we will be splitting some sections this year.

Your call, keep smiling
Westmorland Motor Club